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December and January Workshops Closed

The deadlines have been reached and the candidates have been selected for the December and January workshops. Everyone who has applied should have been notified by now.

Let us just say it was an extremely competitive process, with over 200 applications coming in for both workshops. It took a team of five people two weeks to carefully analyze every single candidate and give every application the attention it deserved. We realize how much time and effort goes into writing these applications, and we try to be as fair and understanding as possible.

We understand the demand for new media training and are trying diligently to respond to that demand. This year we have doubled our workshops and we will be bringing over 140 journalists through our program.

Very soon we will be unveiling a series of new Technology Workshops specifically designed for editors, and one designed for reporters. It will focus on some of the internet technologies that are bringing journalism into the 21st Century including podcasting, wikis, map mashups, databases and Web 2.0 services. Stay tuned!