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Unity conference is a success

Unity LogoThe Knight Digital Media Center at Berkeley let out a giant sigh of relief after a successful workshop at the 2008 Unity Convention.

Despite having the participants use their own laptops, we were able to take them through storyboarding, audio recording techniques, photo techniques, video techniques, audacity audio training, soundslides, and yes... Flash. Amazingly, this was all condensed into a one day workshop.

The response from the participants was positive, and it proved that we were able to deliever more with a shorter amount of time. As we begin exploring opportunities for on-site newsroom training, we are always interested in learning about ways we can hold workshops over a limited time period.

This also helps us with our primiary mission, since one of the chief concerns with any type of training is the amount of time journalists are taken out of their newsroom jobs.

Check out the photo gallery from our trip on school's site here.