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Interactive Narratives Launched

Interactive Narratives LogoA collection of some of the industry's best work can now be viewed at a site that recently re-launched. Interactive Narratives, sposored by the Online News Association, was set up to preset groundbreaking multimedia stories and interviews with some of the journalists pushing and playing with new forms and new media. The site will feature interviews and allow viewers to rate and comment on the work.

 The site was originally hosted in 2003 by the New York Times' Andew DeVigal, and the stories it posted were curated by DeVigal alone. Eventually, as DeVigal found himself with less time to devote to IN, the site went by the wayside, and officialy went on hiatus in 2007. But now, with the help of the ONA, the site is being reintroduced as a more egalitarian framework. According to DeVigal: 

"Unlike the original IN, submission to the database is open to the membership of Interactive Narratives. And members can also rate and make comments on individual entries. A sort functionality allow users to list those interactives focused on their preference or craft. Our goal is to highlight rich-media content, engaging storytelling, and eye-popping design in an environment that fosters interaction, discussion, and learning."

The site can be viewed at