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Alumni Toast Barbie's 50th Birthday with a Multimedia Package

Barbie's not just a doll, she's an icon.

Penelope Carrington, May 08 Knight multimedia workshop alumna, along with Paul Kyber, a February 09 alumnus, both of The Richmond Times-Dispatch, created a fun and informative Flash project that celebrates Barbie's impact on the lives of women.

The project includes:

  • Interviews from life long collectors.
  • A historical perspective on how Barbie has evolved with the times.
  • A quiz that will test your Barbie knowledge.
  • An interactive time line that correlates the Barbie of that year with historical events.

Barbie Turns 50

Check out another offering from the Richmond Times-Dispatch multimedia team.  Paul Woody, sports columnist, was so appalled by the terrible three point shooting at the men's CAA tournament that he tests his own skills to see if he has the right stuff.

World of Woody