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Turning Off the Presses at the P-I

I think celebrating end of the print edition of the Seattle P-I is more than a variation of turning lemons into lemonade. I'm rooting for the to perform as planned:

The new operation will be more than a newspaper online, Steven Swartz, president of Hearst Newspapers, said. The so-called "community platform" will feature breaking news, columns from prominent Seattle residents, community databases, photo galleries, 150 citizen bloggers and links to other journalistic outlets.

If a second major city can support a truly community-oriented online publication that returns to journalism's roots and becomes a catalyst for change in the community, then we can stop wringing our collective hands at the death of print and roll up our collective sleeves and get on with the exciting and powerful future.

The best days of journalism are ahead of us. Hopefully the will be a bright milestone to guide us.

A panelist at a recent event here at the Cal Graduate School of Journalism quoted Lisa Williams:

Journalism will survive the death of its institutions.

It is Spring. I'm looking for to grow, thrive, bear fruit and sow seeds of change across our profession, our country and our world.

Good luck, Seattle.