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Addict Fed Up, Pleads Up to Receive Drug Treatment

Djamila Grossman, staff photographer for the Odgen, Utah Standard-Examiner, produced a compelling video story, accompanied by a text story, of Damon Conrow, a young Heroin addict who made the drastic decision to plead to a higher criminal charge in order to enter the Central Utah Correctional Facility's substance abuse treatment program. 

Djmila used a variety of techniques to amplify for viewers Conrow's revulsion and despair at his condition, including overlapping audio, time lapse, time shifts and the interplay of stills with the video. The piece received a lot of traction on KDMC-Talk, where Djmila shared background info about the reporting of the story. The project was six months in the making. It was definitely time well spent. Congratulations Djmila!