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A 360 Degree View on Panorama Photos

A KDMC-talk listerve member asked for suggestions about how to make panorama graphics. A few great ideas worth noting were shared.

KDMC Talkers were pointed to Zach Wise's Introduction to Panoramas.  Wise, a producer for the New York Times and formerly the Senior Multimedia Producer at the Las Vegas Sun, created a series of panoramic photos for the Sun's History of Las Vegas multimedia project.  The Neon Boneyard gives viewers an interactive panoramic tour of where retired marquees are laid to rest.

Journalists who want to experiment with panoramic photos have many options.  Some digital cameras come with pano shooting modes and panoramic-stitching software to link the photos.  Photoshop CS3 and CS4 has a feature called Photomerge that can be used to blend photos together.  Flash Panorama Player publishes panoramic photos with a few simple clicks and drags.

Those who need more support may want to invest in a GigaPan robotic camera mount. The photographer enters the parameters of the desired output and the GigaPan system will calculate and shoot the overlaping photos.