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OC Register Immigration Series Springs from Census Data

Ron Campbell, an investigative reporter for The Orange County Register and a graduate of KDMC's April 2008 Technology Tools for Journalists Workshop, recently launched a four-part series on the impact of immigrants on the workforce.

The series, Immigrants and the California Economy, is based on a statistical analysis of four decades of census data. The first installment of the series explores how California came to be so dependent on immigrant labor.

Campbell's reporting includes: nearly two dozen downloadable spreadsheets; two interactive maps color-coded by region to show the percentage of immigrant workers; four interactive charts showing the growth of the immigrant population and immigrant workforce as well as the changing composition of the workforce; and a heavily footnoted mainbar with direct links to spreadsheets and original source reports. Part two of the series is scheduled to run on Friday, Sept. 17, 2010.

If you're interested in learning how to report stories out of large data sets, use visualization and mapping tools to create different forms of narratives, apply for a fellowship to attend the KDMC's Dec. 12-17, 2010 Interactive Census Workshop.