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2010 Interactive Census Workshop

KDMC is proud to announce some of the guest speakers for its’ 2010 Interactive Census Workshop that will take place December 12-17 on the campus UC Berkeley. The workshop will emphasize four different visual techniques or ways to show Census data:

1. Tell stories with interactive GIS maps.

2. Clean and prepare U.S. Census data.

3. Create beautiful and effective interactive charts.

4. Build close connections with 19 great visual storytellers.

Some of the guest speakers include, Ron Campbell, an investigative reporter for The Orange County Register and a graduate of KDMC's April 2008 Technology Tools for Journalists Workshop. Dante Chinni, Project Director, Patchwork Nation, The Christian Science Monitor. William Frey, Demographer and Senior Fellow with the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution. Howard Hogan, Associate Director for Demographic Programs at US Census Burea and Susan Rasky, Senior Lecturer, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and former New York Times Washington correspondent.

Ron Campbell recently launched a four-part series on the impact of immigrants on the workforce. The series, Immigrants and the California Economy, is based on a statistical analysis of four decades of census data. The first installment of the series explores how California came to be so dependent on immigrant labor.

Dante Chinni looks for commonalities in different communities and sorts them into common types to get a better understanding of the profound changes coursing through the country.

William Frey has written a number of books on topics relating to migration, population redistribution, and the demography of metropolitan areas.

Howard Hogan specializes in survey design and has a lot of experience designing household and business surveys.

Susan Rasky has an enormous amount of political reporting experience and helped launch CityLab, a website designed to compare data and statistical information between 65 San Francisco Bay Area cities.

The application deadline is November 5.