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March 2011 Webcasts, Alumni Video

Our March 2011 Independent Journalists Workshop has come and gone, and was a smashing success! Six long days of WordPress, video editing, data visualization, map mashups, and advertising platform training. The fellows learned a ton, and everyone enjoyed the process.

Archived webcasts of our lunch and evening speakers are now available for viewing:

From Experiment to Hyperlocal Start-Up Success

10 Steps To Build Your Brand

Unraveling the Mysteries of Online Advertising

During the course of the workshop, fellows produced videos based on assigned "light" topics, and we were especially impressed by this video mashup created by Patricio Espinoza, Good or Bad... YouTube Changing the World.

Patricio adds: ( @espiblog Multimedia exercise from KDMC UC Berkeley workshop. Thank you faculty and staff, team member Melinda Sherwood and Mayor, graduate student for his assistance. Clips courtesy:, Social Media Revolution, Shakira Sony Music, AP, Detroit Free Press )