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Intro to data cleaning tutorial

We just posted a tutorial that covers the basics of cleaning data in spreadsheets. You'll learn how spreadsheets work, basic data-cleaning workflow and how to use formulas and functions to clean data. This is a general tutorial and it doesn't delve deeply into one program. It uses Microsoft Excel but most of the same techniques work in Google Spreadsheets and other programs.

Understanding how to take a large data file and distill it into a usable form has become an increasingly important skill as demographic, financial and other data has become available on a city, county, state and national level in the United States. This tutorial was designed to get you started. If you're looking for data sources, check out our list of public data sources

If you like the tutorial but think that something is missing, let me know. I plan to add a few things as time permits and I'm happy to include your suggestions when possible.