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How KDMC Workshops Can Impact Your Newsroom

Since coming back from KDMC in December, we've been working with members of our newsroom to improve their skills and spread the things we learned in California.

One of our photographers in particular has taken a strong interest in videography. Since we started teaching him how to use Final Cut, he has a few new questions for me every time he shoots a video.

This is his latest effort, and it's the fourth video he's produced:

We give him notes after he's finished them (this one could be shorter, and there are some sound issues) but I think it's a good example of how KDMC is improving the world of digital storytelling, and not just for the people who had the pleasure of making the trip to Berkeley.

If you guys have any thoughts on how he could improve this video, please share and I'll pass them along.

Lexie Nicolas attended the December 2011 Digital Storytelling workshop. To find out more about upcoming training, visit our workshops page.