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Storify Envisioned as The Associated Press of the Future

Burt Herman was a heralded foreign correspondent for The Associated Press. He spent a decade covering conflict, culture and business from far-off locations as disparate as Berlin and Uzbekistan.

Today, Herman applies the same dauntless sense of enterprise required to become a chief correspondent for one of the world's leading news agency to creating a wire service for the digital media age.

Roused by the massive layoffs and disruptions happening in mainstream media, Herman took a leave from reporting in 2008 to do a year-long Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford University, during which he explored innovation design, computer science and entrepreneurship. A year after completing the fellowship, he co-founded Storify, a multimedia curation platform that lets users create narratives from posts culled from all the major social media networks.

Speaking to a group of journalists and communication professionals participating in the KDMC Multimedia Storytelling Institute, Herman said he envisioned Storify as the AP of the future.

See group photo here.

"New tools have made creating media easier and easier," said Herman. "And there's always someone there wherever things are happening."

Herman said anyone with a smart phone can share what’s happening in real time wherever they are, unfiltered and unhampered. Storify allows those whose job or passion is to report the news, to apply a little good old-fashioned journalism to add clarity, authority and context to crowd-sourced content. Using an easy drag-and-drop interface, authors can select content from their network of colleagues, topic experts, and other trusted sources and weave those social media threads with traditional reporting to create a dynamic, coherent narrative.

Storify is being adopted by many prominent news organizations, including the Washington Post, PBS NewsHour, the Los Angeles Times, Yahoo! News, the Denver Post, Metro, DetNews, ABC News and de Volkskrant.