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We're now @kdmcBerkeley on Twitter

Twitter BirdSix years ago, the Knight Digital Media Center was created with the goal of helping journalists succeed in the rapidly changing media landscape of the 21st Century. It launched as a partnership between the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at USC. The program has been jointly run out of those locations ever since.

There are distinct advantages to having two locations —  those of us here at the KDMC at UC Berkeley have been able to focus on providing hands-on, digital training to hundreds of mid-career journalists and communications professionals, while the KDMC at USC has focused on providing leadership training.

The problem is, sometimes, people get confused about who is who, especially on networks like Twitter.

That's why we changed our Twitter handle to @kdmcBerkeley from @KDMCinfo. (The KDMC at USC's Twitter handle is @KDMC.) The goal is that if you want to talk to Len about data viz, he's the one your replies and DMs will reach. Now, there's no reason for you to not to hang out with us on the Twitterverse. Looking forward to chatting.