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Data Visualization for Storytellers

When people talk about data visualization projects you often hear things like, "That visualization brings out the story behind the data." 

But what does that really mean?

That's the question Edward Segel asks and answers in this video, taped during his workshop presentation for kdmcBerkeley. Edward, a data viz guru who has brought his expertise to places like Bloomberg News, believes that we can harvest some of the most compelling information about our world from data, but that data doesn't become a 'story' just because we shape it into a chart or infographic. Just like the best print articles, a great visual data story is a clear, concise and creative narrative. 



These are some of the lessons we hope to teach participants in our upcoming Data Visualization Workshop, January 7-8, 2013. We'll be teaching folks how to create interactive maps, timelines, motion charts and other data illustrations, while maintaing an eye for design, usability, and, most importantly, story

We hope you join us in January. In the meantime, get inspired to experiment with you own data stories by checking out Edward's presentation below. You can also download a complete copy of his presentation here.