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Data visualization workshop take-aways

I’ve recently received several emails from folks interested in the January 2013 Data Visualization workshop asking for real examples of the charts, graphs and maps we will be working with as outlined in the agenda.   

This first example illustrates the use of three sets of data in one interactive bubble chart.  You'll learn to create embeddable charts like this to post to your website or blog. Go ahead and move your cursor over the bubbles. Good graphics help the reader make sense of complex information in a glance.

 In the mapping with Fusion Tables sessions you'll learn to make geographic connections with maps.  We’ll work with custom symbols, info boxes and then publish the maps to the web.

These are just a few examples of the many charts, graphs and maps you'll learn to work with during the workshop.  The big take-away after a kdmcBerkeley workshop is that you'll immediately apply these skills as you create your own beautiful, easy to understand visual graphics.