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TJ Kelly: Social Media and The Impact of Storytelling

We owe a big thanks to TJ Kelly of Edelman Digital for coming out to our Social Media for Audience Engagement Workshop last week. As a senior vice president of one of the largest independent PR firms in the world, TJ develops the social media strategies for major clients like eBay, HP and Charles Schwab. During our workshop he showed journalists, filmmakers, educators and public affairs experts how to use those same strategies to effectively reach their communities. 

Here are a few highlights:

  • Revisit your photo and video strategy: 60% of search results contain video and 30% of search results contain images.  
  • Content is King:  42% of Twitter messages and 23% of all social media messages include links to content. However, quality content is key to building trust and reputation with your audience.
  • Audiences are skeptical: Most people need to see information 3-5 times from multiple sources to believe it. 
Watch the video above to hear all of TJ's best tips for building an effective social media strategy. And if you're looking to improve your digital media skills, check out our upcoming workshops, which are open to all professionals.