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Clicks, Likes and Tweets: Boost Your Social Media Engagement

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Whenever I hear about the latest and greatest social media workshop promising to transform my communication skills for a Web 2.0 world, I’m can’t help but feel skeptical. If my 70-year-old father has figured out how to ‘friend’ me, what can a workshop teach me about social media that I can’t figure out with persistence and a little Googling?

Try effectiveness.

That’s what kdmcBerkeley’s Jerry Monti wants to impart to you at next month’s Social Media for Audience Engagement Workshop.  His goal is to help you align everything you do on these platforms - post, tweet, like - to your ultimate objectives as a company or a professional.

Here are the four main ways this workshop will target your learning:

1) By exploring case studies where small businesses, publications and other agencies have successfully used social media to meet their business objectives (e.g. reducing customer support calls through online engagement).

2) By learning best practices for efficient social media communication, including the use of  time-saving tools like HootSuite.

3) By reviewing ways to measure audience engagement on different media platforms, and connecting those performance indicators back to your business goals.

4) By starting a roadmap for applying social media to your business plan and tracking its effectiveness.

OK, maybe there are a few things I could stand to learn.

Ultimately, this training is about which tools will actually make a difference to your business or career, and how can you best leverage them for your success.

Now, that’s something I can get behind.