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Storytellers: Master the Modern Toolbox


As the plethora of apps, gadgets and media platforms grows, so does the toolbox for storytellers. Working in these mediums can be creative, inspiring and, at times, utterly daunting. Figuring out how to report meaningful stories with these new tools can be confusing, even for the tech savvy.

That’s where we hope to help. As the world’s premier center for applied digital communications, kdmcBerkeley has developed a fresh series of multimedia workshops to show journalists, educators and communications professionals how they can use the latest digital media tools to create content that is compelling for their audience.

Our upcoming Multimedia Storytelling Series includes workshops on the essentials of video storytelling, data driven maps and social media engagement. During these events, UC Berkeley lecturers and staff will work closely with participants to provide hands-on technical training. Participants will also benefit from presentations by award winning faculty and industry leaders, who will delve more deeply into best practices for using these tools.

Finding successful ways to engage an online audience has never been more important. Last year the top 25 news sites attracted 342 million unique visitors each month. And the amount of traffic coming to news sites through social media platforms has gone up by more than 50 percent.  

This is an exciting time to be a digital storyteller, and kdmcBerkeley wants to help you take full advantage of the latest multimedia resources. We design our trainings to be accessible for media and communications professionals at all levels. Read on for details and register today.

Social Media for Audience Engagement - October 22-23, 2012
Learn how to engage your followers and grow your online audience.

Data Driven Maps - November 16-17, 2012
Learn how to use online tools and publicly available data to build interactive maps that are informative and fun to use.
Video Storytelling - January 9-11, 2013
Learn how to produce compelling video stories for the web.