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Envisioning the Future

Imagine what we can envision. 


Twelve years go by quickly. 

Launched in 2001, kdmcBerkeley has been recognized as one of the world's premier multimedia training centers, providing journalists from around the world with the skills necessary to tell stories on new media platforms. Through our workshops and online tutorials, we've had the great privilege of training thousands of reporters, editors and other communications professionals on how to tell stories through video, photography, with data, via social media networks and more. Just as rewarding, we've had the chance to see these individuals implement their new skills, to innovate in their field, and produce fresh, compelling work. 

We've also regularly looked to the same folks to help us better understand changes in their industry and the new demands in their workplace. For example, we know that media outlets today are as pressed to grow their audience as they are to inform it.  To that end, we've developed social media trainings to help organizations develop their own audience engagement strategies. Another trend we've seen is the demand for data visualization skills. As big data sets have become more available to the public, we've seen a need for the skills to translate that information in a meaningful way to a broad audience. This year we've offered multiple data visualization workshops in-person and through our online course series. We also hosted a data symposium bringing speakers from Google, Code for America and Internews, among others, to discuss the future of data storytelling. 

Now, once again, we are looking to all of you to help us better understand the skills you need to thrive as digital storytellers.

Share with us your thoughts on how we can help you be a better storytelling in this rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

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