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Can Twitter predict an election?

Our very own data viz guru, Len DeGroot, has built a living tool that predicts the winner of congressional elections each day based on ongoing Twitter feeds.

Social Media Influence: An experiment in information mobilization

influence chart 

This year we’re hearing a lot of buzz about the potential influence of social media in the upcoming election. It makes sense: more than a third of us are turning to social networking sites for political news.  But how successful are we really at using these sites to raise awareness about particular issues—especially those that lack a sensational ...

Clicks, Likes and Tweets: Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Want to spruce up your social media skills, but unsure of what a workshop can really teach you? Here are the four main things you can get out of our training.

Information is Beautiful Awards Celebrates Data Viz Experts

Data is beautiful. Skeptical? Check out the finalists for the first Information is Beautiful Awards.

Friends and alumni of kdmcBerkeley top nominees for Online Journalism Awards

Check out the outstanding work of kdmcBerkeley's extended family.

Storytellers: Master the Modern Toolbox

Reporting meaningful stories with the latest digital tools can be confusing, even for the tech savvy journalist. Let us help.

Mobile Reporting Tools by Richard Koci Hernandez

Under the tutelage of Richard Koci-Hernandez, frequent kdmcBerkeley presenter and Assistant Professor at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, a small group of students enrolled in an eight week mobile reporting course last spring. Check out his mobile reporting field guide:

Technology to Cast a Scientific Lens on Storytelling

In the future, technology will cast a scientific lens on storytelling. Good storytelling won’t be done merely by honing an intuitive art. David Pescovitz, the storyteller and ponderer of things to come, predicts that pervasive data collection will change all that.

“Not only are people starting to tell their own stories, but things are starting to tell their own ...

Storify Envisioned as The Associated Press of the Future

Burt Herman was a heralded foreign correspondent for The Associated Press. He spent a decade covering conflict, culture and business from far-off locations as disparate as Berlin and Uzbekistan.

Today, Herman applies the same dauntless sense of enterprise required to become a chief correspondent for one of the world's leading news agency to creating a wire service for the ...

Do You Want To Be A Multimedia Rockstar?

Multimedia Storytelling Institute

We're now @kdmcBerkeley on Twitter

Today we changed our Twitter handle to @kdmcBerkeley from @KDMCinfo. Here's why.

How KDMC Workshops Can Impact Your Newsroom

One Joplin Globe (Mo.) describes "how KDMC is improving the world of digital storytelling, and not just for the people who had the pleasure of making the trip to Berkeley."

8 Tips for Telling Beautiful Multimedia Stories

A handful of Spain's best visual journalists explain the keys to tell expert multimedia stories.

First look at CartoDB 1.0 data mapping platform

Easy data mapping easy for beginners and powerful APIs for data journalists.

3 things you'll be able to do after our workshops

On the Monday after our June Multimedia Storytelling Institute, when you go back to your newsroom, this is what you'll be able to do.

What remains in journalism When technologies change

Technology may change, but the need to tell stories does not. Richard Koci Hernandez spoke to KDMC workshop fellows about what remains during journalism's upheaval.

freeDive updates and future plans

One month later: What we've changed and what we plan to do next.

Introducing freeDive: Searchable databases for everyone

KDMC at UC Berkeley is proud to announce the launch of freeDive, a simple way to make searchable databases for the web.

The Powerful Response to An Emotional Visual Story

The Detroit Free Press' Eric Seals, along with a colleague, produced a powerful and touching story about a high school senior whose father was murdered by his uncle. The response from Free Press fans afterward was astonishing.

Photos from the December 2011 Digital Storytelling Workshop

20 mid-career journalists from throughout the U.S. learn how to produce videos, build maps and other multimedia skills.