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Twanxiety: An Aspiring Journalist's Troubles with Tweeting

I used to earn a living by building up Twitter accounts, but these days, I seem to lose followers every time I tweet.

Tweets from the White House: A Veteran Journalist's Uncommon Path to Success

15 years ago, Paul Brandus helped launch MSNBC. Now, he makes his living by reporting in 140 characters or less.

Is Drupal the Right Tool for the Job?

News organizations and departments should look long and hard at their actual needs before opting for a CMS with out-sized complexity.

KDMC Alumnus Patrick Doyle wins the Knight-Risser Prize for Western Environmental Journalism.

KDMC Alumnus Patrick Doyle wins the Knight-Risser Prize for Western Environmental Journalism.

KDMC Alumna Launches Online Tech Magazine.

KDMC Fellow Launches Online Tech Magazine.

Featured Fellow: Basetrack's Teru Kuwayama

Relying on iPhones and Facebook, the veteran photojournalist created a community so strong and dedicated that the U.S. military had him shut down.

Five QGIS tips for Mac users

QGIS is a great tool but it helps to be aware of a few workarounds.

The iPhone 4S and Mobile Reporters: Is this iPhone for you?

iPhone 4S: Enough value to upgrade? Do you use your iPhone for mobile reporting? Here's my take.

Experimenting with Facebook Ads to Promote Stories

How an ad that got almost no clicks taught us something about branding and exposure on the social network.

Featured Fellow: Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig

For shades Magazine and Oakland Local's Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig (Mar '11), utilizing digital media has been a process of providing voices to underserved communities.

How Journalists Can Start Using Google+ Now

Google+ may not "win" the war with Facebook, but its growth has been explosive, and the platform offers many features that will appeal to news organizations. Here's how you can start using it now.

Branding Content Curation at Reuters

Did your last 5 stories include great curated content?

Featured Fellow: Tom Murphy

"I believe that as journalism itself becomes more social, journalists will find themselves working in varied virtual communities that often overlap," said Murphy.

Reduce Ambient Noise When Recording in Home Studios

As a freelancer or independent journalist, how do you produce broadcast quality audio without the luxury of a quiet, professional studio?

Former KDMC Fellows Nominated for 2011 Online News Association Awards

Nominees produced work ranging from investigations on the price of fuel, earthquake safety and lifesaving drugs to a site focused on regional environmental issues.

Steve Jobs and change

What do you think is Steve Job's greatest legacy at Apple?

Intro to data cleaning tutorial

Learn how spreadsheets work, basic data-cleaning workflow and how to use formulas and functions to clean data.

See our Fellow's July Multimedia Projects

Check out the reports on Children’s Fairyland, The Crucible, the Cultured Pickle Shop, The Jazzschool and Prescott Circus.

July Webcasts

Our July Multimedia workshop featured two fantastic presentations, by Rob Curley of The Las Vegas Sun and Richard Koci-Hernandez of the UCB Graduate School of Journalism. Archived webcasts are now available.

Development ends for Protovis

Stanford visualization team drops development of Protovis, switches to D3.js.