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Welcome to Our Web Site Redesign

Our redesign simplifies our navigation and makes scanning through hundreds of videos and tutorials easier. We also added new features to help you learn from the work of others.

Surfing KDMC Projects

Over the past five years, fellows passing through our training program have created dozens of excellent multimedia projects. We've just revamped the way these projects are organized and displayed. So much great work!

KDMC Adds Presentations Index

KDMC has been running training workshops for years now, with each workshop consisting of many presentations. There are now more than 358 separate presentations in our database, many with webcasts. Check out our new Presentations Directory to easily find the ideas, technologies, and speakers associated with our workshops.

Announcing the KDMC Newsletter

Want to stay abreast of KDMC news, events, announcements and useful links? We've launched a brand new newsletter, which we'll be sending out monthly. Newsletter subscriptions are open to the public. To sign up, please visit the KDMC-News subscription page.

Webcast Listings Updated

We've rebuilt our webcast and presentation system from scratch, providing more detailed information for both archived and future webcasts, and gathering webcast/workshop information together on combined pages. We're now displaying webcasts inline rather than in a separate player, and we've created individual pages for every single presentation we've offered. Please provide any feedback you might ...