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Do You Want To Be A Multimedia Rockstar?

Multimedia Storytelling Institute

How KDMC Workshops Can Impact Your Newsroom

One Joplin Globe (Mo.) describes "how KDMC is improving the world of digital storytelling, and not just for the people who had the pleasure of making the trip to Berkeley."

The Powerful Response to An Emotional Visual Story

The Detroit Free Press' Eric Seals, along with a colleague, produced a powerful and touching story about a high school senior whose father was murdered by his uncle. The response from Free Press fans afterward was astonishing.

KDMC Alumnus Patrick Doyle wins the Knight-Risser Prize for Western Environmental Journalism.

KDMC Alumnus Patrick Doyle wins the Knight-Risser Prize for Western Environmental Journalism.

KDMC Alumna Launches Online Tech Magazine.

KDMC Fellow Launches Online Tech Magazine.

Featured Fellow: Basetrack's Teru Kuwayama

Relying on iPhones and Facebook, the veteran photojournalist created a community so strong and dedicated that the U.S. military had him shut down.

Featured Fellow: Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig

For shades Magazine and Oakland Local's Michelle Fitzhugh-Craig (Mar '11), utilizing digital media has been a process of providing voices to underserved communities.

Featured Fellow: Tom Murphy

"I believe that as journalism itself becomes more social, journalists will find themselves working in varied virtual communities that often overlap," said Murphy.

Former KDMC Fellows Nominated for 2011 Online News Association Awards

Nominees produced work ranging from investigations on the price of fuel, earthquake safety and lifesaving drugs to a site focused on regional environmental issues.

KDMC Fellow to Oversee Online News Initiatives at the National Journal

David Beard (May '07) is joining the National Journal as Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Online Editor.  Beard will supervise the free and subscription sites, and work with the editorial team in the Journal's new digital-first newsroom.

Beard spent the last four years working for, the Boston Globe's sister online site, helping integrate its news, sports, business, feature ...

OC Register Immigration Series Springs from Census Data

Ron Campbell, an investigative reporter for The Orange County Register and a graduate of KDMC's April 2008 Technology Tools for Journalists Workshop, recently launched a four-part series on the impact of immigrants on the workforce.

The series, Immigrants and the California Economy, is based on a statistical analysis of four decades of census data. The first installment of the ...

InvestigateWest Co-Founder Probes the Startup Mindset

News entrepreneur Rita Hibbard (Dec '09) wrote a probing retrospective on the sense and sensibility needed to operate a successful news start-up. 

Hibbard, executive director and editor of InvestigateWest, a Seattle-based non-profit investigative news organization covering the environment, health and social justice, said running a startup requires extreme creativity.

Looking back on the first year of operating the news ...

Jose Antonio Vargas Adds Filmmaking to His Credits

Jose Antonio Vargas, a KDMC workshop fellow (May '06) and presenter (May '08 & Dec '09) has a new appellation to add to his ever-evolving title: filmmaker.

Jose has co-produced a feature-length film with director Susan Koch that is currently making the festival circuit. The documentary, The Other City, examines the escalating rate of HIV/AIDS infection among African Americans in ...

Tech Tools Workshop Grad Leads's Social Media Effort, the eagerly anticipated Washington DC-based multimedia local news start up shot out the gate Monday with KDMC alum Mandy Jenkins (Feb ’09) driving its social media strategy. is being closely watched by those in the industry for a variety of reasons, chief among them is that it fully integrates social media tools such as Twitter, Facebook ...

Alums Lead Seattle Digital Literacy Initiative

Sarah Stuteville (May '10) and Jessica Partnow (Dec '06), who were both fellows and presenters in the KDMC's Multimedia Reporting and Convergence workshops, have partnered with the University of Washington's Department of Communication to provide digital media literacy training to K-12 students in Seattle.

The Seattle Digital Literacy Initiative training program will be housed at the University of ...

Web 2.0 Workshop Alum Heppermann Wins Rosalyn Carter Scholarship

KDMC workshop alum Ann Heppermann (Feb '10) is among six journalists named as 2010-2011 Rosalyn Carter Fellowships for Mental Health Journalism recipients. The prestigious fellowship awards stipends of $10,000 to journalists from the United States, Romania and South Africa to report on topics related to mental health or mental illnesses.

Ann, a multiple award-winning independent radio producer, has plans ...

Takahashi Wins Scholarship to Poynter Programming Workshop

Congratulations to Corey Takahashi (Mar '10 and May '09) on receiving a scholarship from Hacks/Hackers to attend The Poynter Institute's workshop Programming for Journalists/Journalism for Programming

Takahashi, a Los Angeles-based independent journalist who attended the KDMC's Multimedia Reporting Workshop and the Web Publishing for Independent Journalists Workshop, has multiple works in play, including an interactive multimedia ...

News Start-Up Run by Alums Profiled in CJR

The Columbia Journalism Review published a profile of the accomplishments of InvestigateWest's first year of operation. The CJR article commends the Seattle-based investigative news site, co-founded by KDMC@Berkeley workshop graduates Rita Hibbard (Dec '09) Robert McClure (Jan '10) and Kristen Young (Jun '10), for establishing respectability and esteem from news partners in the region. Rita Hibbard is also ...

KDMC Indie Journo Alum Is Knight News Challenge Grant Winner

Teru Kuwayama, a fellow in the inaugural Web Publishing for Independent Journalists Workshop, is among 12 new media innovators to share in $2.74 million in grant funding from this year's Knight News Challenge competition. Kuwayama was awarded a $200,000-plus share of the funding.

The Knight News Challenge competition, which is in its fourth year, is designed to ...

KDMC Indie Journalists Workshop Alum Receives New Voices Grant

Janice Rombeck, a member of the KDMC's inaugural Web Publishing for Independent Journalists Workshop, and her NeighborWeb community news site, was selected to receive a New Voices grant. NeighborWeb was among "nine promising community news sites" selected to receive the J:Lab grant of up to $25,000.

NeighborWeb will train San Jose residents who live in 19 designated ...

25th Anniversary of the MOVE confrontation in Philadelphia

Larry Kesterson (July '09) and colleagues at the Philadelphia Inquirer produced an extensive feature on the 1985 stand-off between police and the radical group MOVE.  The altercation ended when the city bombed MOVE's bunker on a row home from a helicopter that resulted in burning an entire neighborhood to the ground and killing eleven.

Minnesota Conservation Magazine Multimedia

Gustave Axelson (Jan '10) produced a package about his canoe trip on the Cloquet River with an interactive Flash map. Axelson supported colleagues to create a package on trout angling with a video/photo slideshow, and a feature on Eco Yards with a Flash illustration.

KDMC Fellow Named NABJ's Emerging Journalist of the Year

Michael J. Feeney of the New York Daily News, who was a December 2007 Multimedia Reporting and Convergence Workshop fellow, was named Emerging Journalist of the Year by the National Association of Black Journalists.

Feeney will be in distinguished company when he receives his honors during the NABJ's national convention in San Diego. Other notable African-American journalists who will ...

Deaf, but not silent: Priest abuse victim speaks out

Sarah Hoye (Jan '09) produced a multimedia package for CNN about Arthur Budzinski, who was molested by a priest while he was a Catholic school student. Budzinski has spoken out for 37 years and plans to keep fighting.

Go Down Under in Kansas

Ralph Gage and reporters from the Lawrence Journal World explored bat caves, undergroud storage vaults and salt mines using audio, video, photo galleries and 360-degree panoramas (Ralph was a speaker at the March 08 KDMC workshop.

These are the People in the Neighborhood

Sherri Williams (June 08) and colleagues at the Columbus Dispatch are producing a long-term project on the neighborhoods in Franklin County.  Some of the profiles have multimedia content.

Community Capital Helps to fund Remedy Cafe

Stephanie Ogburn (Jan '10) produced a multimedia package on Remedy Cafe, a North Oakland coffee shop that courted investment capital from friends and customers instead of banks.

The Grand Hotel Spruces Up for another Season

The majestic Grand Hotel has received guests since 1887. Located on Mackinac island off the northern tip of Michigan, the hotel is a popular summer retreat for vacationers.  The hotel is open only six months out of the year, so a lot of work goes into getting it ready.

Eric Seales (May 08), a multimedia journalist for the Detroit Free ...

One Man's Trash is this Man's Treasure. Sometimes.

Scott Smith (Jun '08) of the Stockton Record used a slide show to tell the tale of a treasure hunter who became the bewildered owner of over 6,000 dental records.

UC Davis project puts conventional and organic gardening in a one-hundred-year bout.

Stephanie Ogburn (Jan '10) produced some videos for the Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) at UC Davis.  The first is about an experiment to see whether tomatoes grow better with conventional or organic growing techniques.  In the other a Stanford professor talks about the pros and cons of agricultural nitrogen fertilizer.

The Grapevine Brings Deaf Taxman More Business

Gary Jacobson is a 60-year-old accountant who helps deaf and hard of hearing clients with their taxes. Patricia Nazario (Dec '09) got the story in text, radio and video.

Nazario is a broadcast journalist for KPCC 89.3 FM in Los Angeles.

Louisiana National Guard's 256th Infantry Prepares for Iraq

Vanessa Deggins (Jan '09) and collegue Elona Weston documented the 256th infantry while they prepared for a year long tour of duty in Iraq. The soldiers performed exercises at Camp Shelby in Mississippi. Deggins shot and edited a video of the convoy security training exercise.

Deggins is a multimedia reporter for American Press in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

How the West Balanced Its Budgets?

Stephanie Ogburn's (Jan '10) new Flash map illustrates how deep the defecits are in many West Coast states. Fortunately, it's not all bad news, Oregon and Montana are in the black.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Check out opening day at Target Field with the Minnesota Twins. Ben Garvin (July '08) shot the festivities using tilt-shift lenses to create a minature effect. Ben Garvin is a staff photographer and videographer for the Pioneer Press in St. Paul, Minnesota.

KDMC Alum Wins an Award for Showing Business People at Play

The Virginia Press Association gave Jennifer Nycz-Conner (May '09) an award for three slideshows she made soon after completing the boot camp. See Washington chef Jose Andres celebrate the big 4-0 at his restaurant Jaleo.  Bobbie Kilberg invited 486 colleagues to a pool party at her house for the Northern Virginia Technology Council's annual Hot Ticket Awards. Area architectural ...

UC Berkeley Newsroom Uses Multimedia to Educate and Englighten

Alec Rosenberg (July '08) assembled a package about how the University of California helps to inform the public about invasive pests.

Harry Mok (Jan '10) helped put together a multimedia package on undergraduate research.  The site has been selected as an upcoming "Webpick of the Day" by Communications Arts.

Take a Trip to Minnesota Via Multimedia

Gustave Axelson (Jan '10) assembled a slide show for the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer about a farmer that sued to save his wetlands and won.  

Axelson coached his associate editor on putting together this white water rafting trip down the Rice Creek Water Trail.

Governing California - Making Sense of Our State of Disarray

Tyche Hendricks (Jan '10) is the editor for KQED Public Radio's The California Report.  This project is designed to demistify the chaos that is governance in California.

Poynter Institute Showcases KDMC Fellows Using Timelines with Dippity

Two KDMC fellows were quoted in a Poynter article about creating interactive timelines using Dipity.

Craig Gima (Jan'10), assistant city editor and reporter at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, produced a timeline to explain an ongoing crime story.  Wendy Norris (Jan '10), editor and publisher at Western Citizen, used a timeline to organize the events of the Ted Haggard sex and ...

Sandwiches Made with Love. YEAH BABY!

Ernie Hassan has made 1 1/2 pound made-to-order sandwiches at his market in Metro Detroit for the past 50 years. Many come for the sandwiches you have to unhinge your jaws to eat, but most return because Hassan treats his customers like family. Eric Seals (May '08) produced the video of Ernie's Market for the Detroit Free Press.

A 360 Degree View on Panorama Photos

A KDMC-talk listerve member asked for suggestions about how to make panorama graphics. A few great ideas worth noting were shared.

KDMC Talkers were pointed to Zach Wise's Introduction to Panoramas.  Wise, a producer for the New York Times and formerly the Senior Multimedia Producer at the Las Vegas Sun, created a series of panoramic photos for the Sun ...

Where is Huguette Clark?

Huguette Clark is the daughter of William Andrews Clark, a copper baron who was almost as rich as Rockerfeller. The 103-year-old heiress owns many estates, but doesn't live in any of them.  Bill Dedman (Jan '08) explores the mystery of the ever elusive Huguette in a slideshow for

Also see the interview with Bill Dedman in E-Media ...

Cow Power Raising a Stink in Central California

Some Central Valley dairy farmers use dairy digesters to turn cow manure to electricity.  Unfortunately, this process has come under fire for creating pollution through large concentrations of methane gas.  P.J. Huffstutter (Jan '10) documented the dairy digester process in a slide show for the Los Angeles Times.

KDMC Alums Receive $100,000 to Fund Investigative News Start-Up

KDMC alum Rita Hibbard who leads the Seattle news start-up InvestigateWest was awarded a $100,000 grant from the Ethics and Excellence in Journalism Foundation (EEJF). Hibbard, a graduate of the KDMC@USC Entrepreneur Boot Camp and the December 2009 KDMC@UCB Web 2.0 Tech Tools for Journalists Workshop, said in a public announcement that the award was like ...

Timeline Tools in the Newsroom

Last week the KDMC-talk listserv had a lively discussion about timeline tools like Dipity, Timeglider and Capzules.

Wendy Norris (Jan '10) an investigative reporter for the Western Citizen created the Complete Ted Haggard Sex, Drugs and Hush Money Timeline.  She used Dipity to create a concise explanation of a saga that lasted for over two years. 

The Seattle Times made ...

$10K Multimedia Treasure Hunt

Ben Garvin (Jul '08) brought a 59-year-old tradition into the 21st century. The St. Paul Press hides a medallion worth 10K to the finder during the Winter Carnival.  This year Garvin shot video versions of the daily clue.

Art as Public Work

Fresh from the January '10 workshop, Glenn Burkins produced his first multimedia package about an art competition for public works employees in Charlotte and Mecklenburg City, North Carolina.

Dancing Machine

Josh Levoir spends 9 hours, ten dollars of quarters and 9,000 calories during a day of dancing at a video arcade.  Eric Seals (May '08) shot a video that shows how Levoir likes to get in the groove. 

48 Hours at the Times Union Center

Christen Gowan (July '09) produced a whimiscal video piece that reveals the many faces, and floors, of Albany, New York's Times Union Center.  See how the center can host basketball, hockey and bull riding in one weekend.

A Look at the new iPad

Ryan Kim (Jan '10) shared his first impressions of Apple's iPad notebook computer with a narrated video tour of the device.

Hong Kong Nightlife

Jessica Yu, a July 2009 KDMC fellow, has some nice videos and photos on Hong Kong nightlife that she did for the Wall Street Journal.

Out of Retirement to Save Business

Larry Kesterson (July '09) uses video to follow the story of a charismatic 80 year old CEO who has returned from retirement to bring his family chain of department stores back from bankruptcy. Check it out: Al Boscov on a buying trip to New York. Kesterson is a photographer for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Turkey Farm in Metro Detroit

Happy Thanksgiving! KDMC workshop fellow Eric Seals created an excellent video essay about a Turkey Farm in Metro Detroit.

Putting Siena College Basketball on the Map

Christen Gowan (July 09) made an interactive Flash map to track the Siena Saints college basketball team as they compete around the country. The map accompanied a special Sunday section on Saints basketball in the Albany Times Union. Gowan is a mobile journalist for the Albany Times Union.

High Schoolers Explore Race In Response to the Obama Presidency

Sarah Hoye (Jan 09) followed a diverse group of students from the election to the end of the 2009 school year, and produced a thought provoking multimedia piece regarding race in the age of Obama.  Hoye is a multimedia journalist for the Tampa Tribune.

KDMC Fellows Win a National Emmy

Kathleen Galligan (June 08) and Regina Boone (Jan 08) were part of the Detroit Free Press team that won an Emmy for their multimedia package on Christ Child House, a foster home for boys in Detroit.

Assignment Detroit to Chronicle the Fall and Rise of an All-American City

Time Magazine has pledged to follow Detroit closely for the next year.  The findings will be reported in The Detroit Blog. Steven Gray (June 2009) will blog and cover stories for the initiative.  He introduces the project in his post Letter to Detroit.

The New York Times covered the project in Investment in a City of Struggles.

July '09 Alumna is part of an Award Winning Online Journal

Ann Lolordo is the Opinion Editor for the Baltimore Sun and a writer for the Baltimore Brew.   The Baltimore Brew is an irreverent mix of hyperlocal reporting and opinion writing about the Baltimore area. It was awarded Best Local Blog 2009 by Baltimore City Paper.

Bee Story on 45s Generates Big Traffic

Knight Fellow Manny Cristomo of the Sacramento Bee produced an excellent video piece about a collection of 45 RPM records that found its way back to the original owner's son, 30 years after her death. The feel-good piece has generated more than 1.8 million page views.

May '09 Alum Anna Johnson Covers Iran Elections

Anna Johnson, an AP reporter and editor based in the Middle East, produced a photo slideshow and a video on the Iranian elections. Anna was in the KDMC's May 2009 multimedia workshop.

P.I. Reed School of Journalism

Fellow John Temple, who is associate dean of P.I. Reed School of Journalism implemented a program whereby students of the school will produce multimedia projects for local papers, and in turn teach the staffers at those newspapers on how they did it. Congratulations John on spearheading this program.

Shreveport Times Mashup

RustonFellow Scott Anderson, video and technology editor for The Times in Shreveport, Louisiana shares with us a Google Map he produced offering locations of hurricane shelters to the public and which ones were over-capacity during Hurricane Gustav.

Detroit Free Press Video

Fellow Eric Seals, photographer and multimedia producer for the Detroit Free Press produced this fantastic video on local coach Courtney Hawkins of Flint (MI) Beecher High School.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch Videos

dispatchFellow Penelope Carrington, multimedia reporter for the The Richmond Times-Dispatch, shared with us some videos she produced for her paper during the recent inauguration ceremonies. Check out her videos  (She produced "Virginians grasp a piece of history", "Outside the Mall", and "Early Morning").

Alumni Toast Barbie's 50th Birthday with a Multimedia Package

Barbie's not just a doll, she's an icon.

Two of our Knight multimedia workshop alumni from The Richmond Times-Dispatch created an informative Flash project that celebrates Barbie's impact on the lives of women.

Jan '09 Alum Produces Multimedia Inauguration Blog Posts

Heather Charles, Knight multimedia workshop alumna and photojournalist for the The Indianapolis Star, shared some blog posts with photo galleries, a slide show and map mashup documenting her trip from President Obama's home town to the inauguration in Washington D.C.

May '08 alum showcases inauguration videos

Penelope Carrington, Knight multimedia workshop alumna and a multimedia reporter for the The Richmond Times-Dispatch, shared with us some videos she produced for her paper during the recent inauguration ceremonies.

May '08 Alum Produces Video

Eric Seals of the Detroit Free Press produced this fantastic video on Flint (Mich) Beecher High School coach Courtney Hawkins.

Journalism professor has students work/teach newspapers

Students produce multimedia packages for local papers then train staffers how they did it. John Temple, associate dean and former KDMC alum, organized the partnership with newspapers for the P.I. Reed School of Journalism.