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Arts & Culture Storytelling on the Web: Tenacity and Tools Required

Arts & Culture Storytelling on the Web: Tenacity and Tools Required

By Gary Moskowitz

A few months ago, Bloomberg laid off its theater critic and dismantled its culture desk to focus simply on "luxury." USC's Annenberg School is shutting down its Getty Arts Journalism fellowship program. Harvard's Nieman Fellowship in Arts & Culture Reporting no longer exists. In recent years ...

Custom Trainings: Supporting the Next Generation of Broadcast Media

How can television and radio stations effectively adapt their content for the web, especially new mobile platforms? We can help.

Mobile Reporting Tools by Richard Koci Hernandez

Under the tutelage of Richard Koci-Hernandez, frequent kdmcBerkeley presenter and Assistant Professor at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, a small group of students enrolled in an eight week mobile reporting course last spring. Check out his mobile reporting field guide:

Do You Want To Be A Multimedia Rockstar?

Multimedia Storytelling Institute

The iPhone 4S and Mobile Reporters: Is this iPhone for you?

iPhone 4S: Enough value to upgrade? Do you use your iPhone for mobile reporting? Here's my take.

June Web 2.0 Webcasts

Our June Web 2.0 workshop was a smashing success, and featured three excellent speakers: Grant Barrett on audience engagement, Burt Herman on Storify, Amy Gahran on mobile audiences. Webcast archives are now available.

Flash vs. HTML5: What should journalists learn next?

There is a small war brewing in the multimedia journalism world between Flash and HTML5, and I'm not sure where things will end up.

Can iPhone 4 shoot news video?

The iPhone 4's new HD camera and iMovie app are a potent combination. The iPhone can be a serviceable web video camera in breaking news situations or unplanned interviews.

Mobile Coupons Show Promise

One fashion retailer has shown some very impressive results from a mobile coupon campaign recently. Could this model work for other businesses?

NPR iPhone app not made by NPR

A study last year by Nortel Networks Corp found that more people said they would rather go 24 hours without their wallet than their cell phone. In fact, it may even replace the wallet one day. This could be profound for the news industry.