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Custom Trainings: Supporting the Next Generation of Broadcast Media

How can television and radio stations effectively adapt their content for the web, especially new mobile platforms? We can help.

TJ Kelly: Social Media and The Impact of Storytelling

Social media marketing expert TJ Kelly has worked with some of the biggest clients in the world (eBay, HP, Charles Schwab). Here he shows journalists, educators and public affairs experts how to use the same strategies to engage their communities.

Clicks, Likes and Tweets: Boost Your Social Media Engagement

Want to spruce up your social media skills, but unsure of what a workshop can really teach you? Here are the four main things you can get out of our training.

Branding Content Curation at Reuters

Did your last 5 stories include great curated content?

Spring Training Resources

On April 24th, the KDMC training crew participated in a day-long Spring Training for Journalists workshop, presenting on Search Engine Optimization and choosing the right multimedia elements for a story. Here are links to resources we used in our presentations.