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Custom Trainings: Supporting the Next Generation of Broadcast Media

How can television and radio stations effectively adapt their content for the web, especially new mobile platforms? We can help.

Webinar: Extending WordPress

In this follow-up to KDMC's March 2011 Independent Journalists workshop, webmaster Scot Hacker introduces three techniques to take your WordPress news site beyond the defaults.

In Search of the Perfect Twitter Client

There are dozens of 3rd-party Twitter clients on the market, and they all take different approaches to the same problem. KDMC staff set out to find the best Twitter client to teach journalists on.

Tutorial: Building an Ad Platform with DFP

Ready to up the ante with your publication's ad serving system? Our in-depth tutorial on Google's DoubleClick for Publishers will get you up to speed quickly.

Can BuddyPress Break Down the Garden Walls?

Obviously, it makes more sense to implement a social network on your organization's own web site rather than sending users off to Facebook or MySpace -- but does it still make sense if users have to re-create their relationship networks on each new SN they visit?  A new project from Automattic - who run and have a ton of experience leveraging the power of "the hive mind" - appear to have an ace up their sleeve that could address the problem. Will BuddyPress give organizations the social networking tools they need while mitigating the "walled garden" effect?