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Envisioning the Future

Help kdmcBerkeley envision the future. Share with us your thoughts on how we can help you become a better storyteller in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Free Online Training Series in Data Journalism

We are bringing world class digital training straight to you. And, yep, it’s FREE.

Custom Trainings: Supporting the Next Generation of Broadcast Media

How can television and radio stations effectively adapt their content for the web, especially new mobile platforms? We can help.

Mobile Reporting Tools by Richard Koci Hernandez

Under the tutelage of Richard Koci-Hernandez, frequent kdmcBerkeley presenter and Assistant Professor at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, a small group of students enrolled in an eight week mobile reporting course last spring. Check out his mobile reporting field guide:

WordPress Tutorials Galore

We've added more than 50 pages of tutorials, covering everything you need to run and manage your WordPress-based site.

Tutorial: Manage and protect your images with iPhoto

Step-by-step guide to improve the quality and organization of your photos.

Tutorial: Building an Ad Platform with DFP

Ready to up the ante with your publication's ad serving system? Our in-depth tutorial on Google's DoubleClick for Publishers will get you up to speed quickly.

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

HTML is for setting the logical markup of documents on the web, but has nothing to do with how those documents appear - that's a job for Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS. Our new CSS 101 tutorial provides an introduction to the fundamentals of document decoration with CSS.

HTML 101

Time to start learning HTML? We've re-written our HTML 101 tutorial from scratch, with just enough code to get you started on the road to self-sufficiency.

Working With Free Web Designs

Creating professional-looking designs for multimedia sites can be tedious and time-consuming. But there are thousands of free web templates out there, yours for the download. Our new Free Web Designs  tutorial guides users through web resources for working with free HTML+CSS templates, and includes a guided walk-through of our own downloadable multimedia design template.

Tutorials Available in PDF Format

We've added a new feature to our multimedia and digital media tutorials -- Save as PDF. While we've always offered a "Print" view from our tutorials, from which Mac users can easily generate a PDF with OS X's built-in Print To PDF capabilties, Windows users without the full Adobe PDF creation suite had no easy way to obtain ...