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TJ Kelly: Social Media and The Impact of Storytelling

Social media marketing expert TJ Kelly has worked with some of the biggest clients in the world (eBay, HP, Charles Schwab). Here he shows journalists, educators and public affairs experts how to use the same strategies to engage their communities.

July Webcasts

Our July Multimedia workshop featured two fantastic presentations, by Rob Curley of The Las Vegas Sun and Richard Koci-Hernandez of the UCB Graduate School of Journalism. Archived webcasts are now available.

June Web 2.0 Webcasts

Our June Web 2.0 workshop was a smashing success, and featured three excellent speakers: Grant Barrett on audience engagement, Burt Herman on Storify, Amy Gahran on mobile audiences. Webcast archives are now available.

May 2011 Webcasts

Our May 2011 Multimedia Workshop has come and gone, and was a smashing success. Our lunch and dinner presentations by prominent speakers are now available as archived webcasts.

March 2011 Webcasts, Alumni Video

Our March 2011 Independent Journalists Workshop has come and gone, and was a smashing success! Webcast archives from the lunch and evening public talks are now on line.

February Webcasts

Our February Web 2.0 workshop has come and gone, and webcast archives of our panel discussions are now online, featuring Len de Groot on Data Visualization, Kim Komenich on the multimedia shooter's tool belt, Jerry Monti on mobile, and presenters from the Davis Wiki.

January Webcasts

Webcast archives from our January Multimedia workshop are now available.

Census Workshop Webcasts

Our Interactive Census workshop featured a great lineup of speakers and presenters, and webcast archives are now online, featuring Dante Chinni of the Christian Science Monitor, William Frey of the Brookings Institute, Shan Carter from the New York Times, and Geoff McGhee, from Stanford University's Bill Lane Center for the American West. 

June Webcasts Now Available

Our June Multimedia Training Workshop featured a string of live webcasts, including Laura Sparks of the Wisconsin State Journal, Penelope Carrington of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, and Timothy Jordan of Google. Archived webcasts are now available . Tune in!

May Webcasts Available

Our May 2010 Multimedia Workshop featured live webcasts of noon and evening speakers, including Denver Post photographer Tim Rasmussen, multimedia journalist Demorris Lee, and YouTube's  news manager Olivia Ma. Video webcasts are now available.

March Webcasts

Our first workshop for Independent Journalists this March was a success and we've posted webcasts of our noon and evening speakers, including Barry Parr on advertising, Joe Grimm on brand identity,  Ben Ifeld, and Geoff Samek.

Watch Highlights from KDMC's February Web 2.0 Tech Tools Workshop

Webcasts of our featured presentations from the February Web 2.0 workshop are available for viewing. The webcast presentations include talks by Michela O'Conner Abrams, publisher of Dwell magazine, who discussed how to shepherd your media brand across multiple platforms; KDMC's newest addition to its team of digital experts, Len de Groot, who spoke about the latest trends ...

January Webcasts

Our January Multimedia Training Workshop featured live webcasts from the Spokesman-Review's Colin Mulvany and Kevin Graman, and the Seattle Times' Sona Patel and Joe Ruiz. Archived video is now available.

December Webcasts

Our December Web 2.0 Skills workshop featured visits from Salon CEO Richard Gingras, USA Today's Josh Hatch, and Yahoo!'s Andrew Golis. We've posted video archives of all three talks .

June Multimedia Webcasts

Another week of multimedia workshops has passed, and we've beeen webcasting featured panelists and speakers live.  Video archives are now online.

Webcasting with Django

The KDMC webcast system handles week-long events which consist of multiple presentations, which in turn may or may not include a webcast. Meanwhile, webcasts have to be handled both live and in archived form. Webasting presents some special problems when delivering Django views (KDMC is a Django-driven site). Webmaster Scot Hacker has done a write-up on his own blog explaining ...

May 2009 Workshop Webcasts

The May 2009 Multimedia workshop is complete, and featured an excellent collection of speakers, including representatives from the Detroit Free Press, UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism, NewsMarket, and the Portland Press Herald.  Archived webcasts have been posted for posterity.

March 2009 Workshop Webcasts

Our March 22-27 Multimedia Training Workshop for journalists has just wrapped up.  If you weren't able to attend, we've posted most of our noon and evening speakers as live webcasts. This week's featured presenters included Robert Long and Lucia Blackwell of Delaware's News Journal, Richard Koci-Hernandez on "The Golden Age of Journalism," and Mark Briggs' "Journalists ...

February Webcasts Now Available

We've just finished up the February 2009 Technology Tools Training Workshop, which included a lineup of excellent panels and talks by industry experts. In case you weren't able to join us or catch the webcasts live, we've posted the archived video from this week's workship as streaming webcasts.

January 2009 Lecture Series Webcasts

Our January 11-16 Multimedia Training Workshop for journalists is under way For those not able to attend, we've been presenting most of our noon and evening speakers as live webcasts. This week's featured presenters include Mark Luckie of 10,, Jason Kolnos of the Cape Cod Times, Jennifer Carroll of Gannett, and staff from the Bakersfield Californian ...

December 2008 Lecture Series Webcasts

Our Dec. 16-19 Internet Technology Training Workshop for journalists has come and gone. If you were not able to attend, or you were here but would like a refresher course from the noon and evening speakers, you'll find streaming webcasts of most presentations in our video archives , featuring: Rob Curley of, field reporters Jonathan Jones  and Anna ...

Webcast Listings Updated

We've rebuilt our webcast and presentation system from scratch, providing more detailed information for both archived and future webcasts, and gathering webcast/workshop information together on combined pages. We're now displaying webcasts inline rather than in a separate player, and we've created individual pages for every single presentation we've offered. Please provide any feedback you might ...

May 2008 Lecture Series Webcasts

The New Media Lecture Series is part of a week-long multimedia training workshop for mid-career journalists sponsored by the Knight Digital Media Center. Industry experts speak throughout the week on the intersection of journalism and technology.  Tune in for live webcasts or return later for archived versions.

January Webcast Schedule Posted

Our January workshop is under way and the live webcast schedule from all of our speakers can be viewed during the times posted below right here. Even though these webcasts are live, we archive each one for posterity where they can be viewed and downloaded. Please allow 3 business days after the workshop has concluded before the archives are posted.

December Webcast Schedule Posted

Next week we will be holding our last Multimedia Workshop for 2007. It has been a great year, and we are in the midst of gearing up for next year's first workshop. We have just posted the schedule for speaker presentations. These presentations are open to the public via live Webcast. (Apple's Quicktime Player is required.) To view them, visit our Webcast page.