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TJ Kelly: Social Media and The Impact of Storytelling

Social media marketing expert TJ Kelly has worked with some of the biggest clients in the world (eBay, HP, Charles Schwab). Here he shows journalists, educators and public affairs experts how to use the same strategies to engage their communities.

Can Twitter predict an election?

Our very own data viz guru, Len DeGroot, has built a living tool that predicts the winner of congressional elections each day based on ongoing Twitter feeds.

We're now @kdmcBerkeley on Twitter

Today we changed our Twitter handle to @kdmcBerkeley from @KDMCinfo. Here's why.

Twanxiety: An Aspiring Journalist's Troubles with Tweeting

I used to earn a living by building up Twitter accounts, but these days, I seem to lose followers every time I tweet.

Tweets from the White House: A Veteran Journalist's Uncommon Path to Success

15 years ago, Paul Brandus helped launch MSNBC. Now, he makes his living by reporting in 140 characters or less.

Twittering the news: DOs and DON'Ts

Twitter logoAmong the horde of Web 2.0 sites popping up each day, it seems the newest craze to emerge online is the Twitter social network. Very suddenly we are getting lots of questions about Twitter; people wanting to know what it is, how it works and most importantly how journalists can best use it in their newsrooms.

Well the first ...