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Our First Ever Data Journalism Symposium

Data Symposium at kdmcBerkeley-transforming the way we tell stories with data. For data journalists, non-profits interested in new ideas for communicating information, and higher education professionals.

Unleash your inner data geek

Join our spring Visualizing Data Workshop Series.

Data Visualization for Storytellers

Some of the most compelling information about our world can be found in data. But just because you shape those numbers into a graph doesn't make it a story.

#DataViz Tuesday: Fusion Tables, Business Infographics & Playing With Legos

Tuesday, April 17: A roundup of tools, tips and thoughts on data visualization found on the Web.

Better timelines through editing

Tough editing makes TimelineSetter interactive timelines more effective.

OC Register Immigration Series Springs from Census Data

Ron Campbell, an investigative reporter for The Orange County Register and a graduate of KDMC's April 2008 Technology Tools for Journalists Workshop, recently launched a four-part series on the impact of immigrants on the workforce.

The series, Immigrants and the California Economy, is based on a statistical analysis of four decades of census data. The first installment of the ...