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5 Content Marketing Lessons from Journalists

What can content marketers learn from journalists?

Envisioning the Future

Help kdmcBerkeley envision the future. Share with us your thoughts on how we can help you become a better storyteller in the rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Citizen Videos-A Primer for Reporters-Authentication

In this second part of our series on citizen videos, we look at the issue of authenticity and best practices for validating the information before releasing the video to your audience.

Telling Stories in Different Mediums (and answering other questions about journalism)

I was contacted recently by a woman from University of West Scotland who was doing an assessment on the role of journalists in multimedia newsrooms, and she wanted to get an educator's perspective. She sent me the five following questions. I thought my responses might have broader interest, so I decided to use them in this week's blog post.

Data, journalism and your career

What can a journalist do that provides high value to the news organization? What is the next tech skill that you can learn that will make you a "keeper" if there are more cutbacks? One answer to these questions is Data.

Takahashi Wins Scholarship to Poynter Programming Workshop

Congratulations to Corey Takahashi (Mar '10 and May '09) on receiving a scholarship from Hacks/Hackers to attend The Poynter Institute's workshop Programming for Journalists/Journalism for Programming

Takahashi, a Los Angeles-based independent journalist who attended the KDMC's Multimedia Reporting Workshop and the Web Publishing for Independent Journalists Workshop, has multiple works in play, including an interactive multimedia ...

What has art got to do with it?

Can an art exhibition in New York help news organizations adapt to a 21st Century audience?