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Technology to Cast a Scientific Lens on Storytelling

In the future, technology will cast a scientific lens on storytelling. Good storytelling won’t be done merely by honing an intuitive art. David Pescovitz, the storyteller and ponderer of things to come, predicts that pervasive data collection will change all that.

“Not only are people starting to tell their own stories, but things are starting to tell their own ...

Takahashi Wins Scholarship to Poynter Programming Workshop

Congratulations to Corey Takahashi (Mar '10 and May '09) on receiving a scholarship from Hacks/Hackers to attend The Poynter Institute's workshop Programming for Journalists/Journalism for Programming

Takahashi, a Los Angeles-based independent journalist who attended the KDMC's Multimedia Reporting Workshop and the Web Publishing for Independent Journalists Workshop, has multiple works in play, including an interactive multimedia ...