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June Multimedia Institute: What you’ll take away

The June 10-21 Multimedia Institute is an intensive multi-platform training program designed to equip journalists, educators and other professionals with skills in visual storytelling, data visualization and social media.

Citizen Videos-A Primer for Reporters-Authentication

In this second part of our series on citizen videos, we look at the issue of authenticity and best practices for validating the information before releasing the video to your audience.

Video Storytelling Workshop: Three things you'll take away

Journalists, educators and media professionals can all benefit from video storytelling skills. We’re not talking Oscar-worthy filmmaking here. Just the ability to shoot, edit and present compelling video content. We can help.

The iPhone 4S and Mobile Reporters: Is this iPhone for you?

iPhone 4S: Enough value to upgrade? Do you use your iPhone for mobile reporting? Here's my take.

March 2011 Webcasts, Alumni Video

Our March 2011 Independent Journalists Workshop has come and gone, and was a smashing success! Webcast archives from the lunch and evening public talks are now on line.

Protovis JavaScript Charts vs Google Gadgets

Can or should JavaScript data visualization libraries replace Google Gadgets?

Can iPhone 4 shoot news video?

The iPhone 4's new HD camera and iMovie app are a potent combination. The iPhone can be a serviceable web video camera in breaking news situations or unplanned interviews.

NAA Report on Online Video

The Newspaper Association of America has a really good report on how newspapers are and should be using online video. Lots of interesting data and examples, advice on how to shoot video and recommendations on cameras and accessories.

Video Vs Photo Slideshow

A lot of news organizations are debating whether it's better to shoot lots of video for their web sites or focus instead on using a camera and audio recorder to produce photo slideshows.

The answer we give in our multimedia workshops is simple - let the story tell you the medium in which it's best told.

What we mean ...