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Is Drupal the Right Tool for the Job?

News organizations and departments should look long and hard at their actual needs before opting for a CMS with out-sized complexity.

Webinar: Extending WordPress

In this follow-up to KDMC's March 2011 Independent Journalists workshop, webmaster Scot Hacker introduces three techniques to take your WordPress news site beyond the defaults.

Behind the Scenes at NPR's Argo Network

Is it possible to share stories and data seamlessly between a dozen separate sites without expensive commercial content management systems? Here's how NPR's Argo network uses Django to unify a collection of independent affiliate sites running on WordPress.

Can BuddyPress Break Down the Garden Walls?

Obviously, it makes more sense to implement a social network on your organization's own web site rather than sending users off to Facebook or MySpace -- but does it still make sense if users have to re-create their relationship networks on each new SN they visit?  A new project from Automattic - who run and have a ton of experience leveraging the power of "the hive mind" - appear to have an ace up their sleeve that could address the problem. Will BuddyPress give organizations the social networking tools they need while mitigating the "walled garden" effect?