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What remains in journalism When technologies change

Technology may change, but the need to tell stories does not. Richard Koci Hernandez spoke to KDMC workshop fellows about what remains during journalism's upheaval.

Online News Association key training points

ONA looks at where journalism is headed. KDMC supports and attends the conference to share what we know and to learn from industry leaders. KDMC will build many of the ideas we gather into upcoming workshops. Here's my list of key points that will get covered in our workshops. What would you add?

May Projects, Webcast Archives

Our May workshop was a great success, with a rousing round of speakers and an impressive collection of final projects by the fellows. Our live webcasts are now available as streaming archives, and most of the final projects have been posted for public viewing

Technology Workshop Now Open

We are pleased to announce our newest addition of two technology training workshops slated for March and April. The March workshop, which is geared for editors, will focus on database-driven map mash-ups, blogs, audio and video podcasting, using Wiki's for story collaboration and other great Web 2.0 services. The April workshop, geared for reporters, will focus on map mash-ups, accessing remote public databases, using GPS for hyperlocal news, and learning to use web-based tools from Google and other providers. Find out more here, or click the "Apply Now" button to the right. Apply soon, the deadline is Feb. 1.