Building a System for Breaking News/Intro to the Newsroom

Tired of feeling constrained by your organization's CMS? In this presentation, Scot Hacker proposes the idea of registering a sub-domain off to the side of your pub's normal CMS, on which you can do anything you like... such as installing WordPress for breaking news coverage or multimedia presentations. Hacker also presents "The famous 5-minute WordPress install."


For organizations needing to manage lots of WordPress installations, try this pair of shell scripts:

  • WP-Create - Set up new WP blogs in one minute flat with this subversion-based checkout system
  • WP-Mass-Upgrade - Upgrade all WP installations on a server in one go (assumes svn checkouts via WP-Create)

This presentation was delivered as part of the workshop: Feb 17-20 2009 Technology Training

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