Lessons for 4-Wheel Journalism

Ben Ilfeld is the Chief Operating Officer of SacramentoPress.com, a hyperlocal news site focusing on the Sacramento Metro Area. On Sunday, March 21, 2010 Ilfeld spoke to fellows attending the KDMC's Independent Journalism Workshop, sharing how to "create, sustain and grow" a lively, citizen-friendly news site. Here, he covers the advantages of being able to update an online article as a story develops over time; the different ways that users interact with online news publications; the importance of keeping the community at the center of every media business; how to attract advertisers, and much more.

This presentation was delivered as part of the workshop: Mar 21-26 2010 Independent Journalists Workshop

An archived video webcast of this presentation can be seen below.

Off the Beaten Path: Lessons for 4-Wheel Journalism from kdmcinfo on Vimeo.