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The Knight Digital Media Center has hosted dozens of multimedia and internet technology training workshops, and each workshop consists of dozens of presentations by our in-house trainers and invited guests. Our entire history of webcast presentations is listed here, some with downloadable slideshows, PDFs, and other documentation. See also: Workshops past and present

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Presentation Date Workshop Presenter(s) W A
The Future of Technology and Storytelling 06/29/12 Multimedia Storytelling Institute David Pescovitz
How To Tell Stories with Data (Really) 01/09/12 Digital Storytelling
Keynote Presentation: Next Step Journalism and the Future of News 01/08/12 Digital Storytelling Bill Mitchell
Engage Audiences With Visual Storytelling 12/14/11 Digital Storytelling Richard Koci Hernandez
Mobile Reporting Tools & Techniques 12/14/11 Digital Storytelling Will Sullivan
The Changing World of Journalism 12/11/11 Digital Storytelling Tom Mallory
Visual Storytelling 07/18/11 Multimedia Training Richard Koci Hernandez
Real-World Digital Journalism for 2011: A Dialogue with Your Audience 07/17/11 Multimedia Training Rob Curley
Finding Stories in the Social Stream 06/16/11 Web 2.0 Training Burt Herman
Mobile Strategies 06/15/11 Web 2.0 Training Amy Gahran
The Teeth on the Gears of Your Engagement Machine 06/13/11 Web 2.0 Training Grant Barrett
Video Storytelling 05/17/11 Multimedia Training Kim Komenich
Storytelling Secrets from a "One-Woman Band" 05/16/11 Multimedia Training Sarah Hoye
Real-World Digital Journalism for 2011: A Dialogue with Your Audience 05/15/11 Multimedia Training Rob Curley
Unraveling the Mysteries of Online Advertising 03/24/11 Independent Journalists Workshop Rainey Smith
10 Steps To Build Your Brand 03/24/11 Independent Journalists Workshop Len De Groot
From Experiment to Start-Up Hyperlocal Success 03/20/11 Independent Journalists Workshop Amy Senk
Mobile and the Newsroom 02/16/11 Web 2.0 Training Staff Trainer
Data Visualization Strategy and Workflow 02/16/11 Web 2.0 Training Len De Groot
Visual Storytelling Techniques & Scripting 02/15/11 Web 2.0 Training Kim Komenich
The Davis Wiki 02/14/11 Web 2.0 Training Philip Neustrom, Mike Ivanov
Mobile Reporting Tools and Techniques 01/10/11 Multimedia Training Will Sullivan
The 21st-Century Studio 01/10/11 Multimedia Training Corey Takahashi
Working in a Visual World 01/09/11 Multimedia Training gary reyes
Telling Stories with Maps and Data Part 1 12/14/10 Interactive Census Workshop Shan Carter
Finding Stories in Data 12/13/10 Interactive Census Workshop Ann-Marie Adams
Accessing Census Data 12/13/10 Interactive Census Workshop Susan Rasky, Howard Hogan, Jerry Wong
Patchwork Nation, Transcending Borders 12/12/10 Interactive Census Workshop Dante Chinni
What to Do About the Social Web 06/14/10 Multimedia Training Timothy Jordan
Kicking and Screaming: Making the Transition to Multimedia...One Training Session at a Time 06/14/10 Multimedia Training Penelope Carrington
Lessons from Video, Data and Interactive Graphics 06/13/10 Multimedia Training Laura Sparks
YouTube News: Broadcasting the World 05/17/10 Multimedia Training Olivia Ma
Multimedia Journalism: It's a Mindset 05/17/10 Multimedia Training Demorris Lee
A Photojournalist's Guide to the Multimedia Galaxy 05/16/10 Multimedia Training Tim Rasmussen
Your Greatest Asset: Brand You 03/25/10 Independent Journalists Workshop Joe Grimm
Selling Ads: Real World Successes and Failures 03/24/10 Independent Journalists Workshop Barry Parr
Lessons for 4-Wheel Journalism 03/21/10 Independent Journalists Workshop Ben Ilfeld, Geoff Samek
Journalists as Curators. Journalists as Scholars. 02/25/10 Web 2.0 Training Josh Korr
Data Visualization on a Budget 02/23/10 Web 2.0 Training Len De Groot
Sheparding a Brand Across Multiple Platforms 02/22/10 Web 2.0 Training Michela O'Connor
Mobile & Live Video Techniques 01/11/10 Multimedia Training Joe Ruiz
Developing Social Media Workflow in Your Newsroom 01/11/10 Multimedia Training Sona Patel
Old Journalists in New Media 01/10/10 Multimedia Training Colin Mulvany, Kevin Graman
Journalists as Community Curators 12/17/09 Web 2.0 Training Andrew Golis
Data Visualization on a Budget 12/15/09 Web 2.0 Training Josh Hatch
Innovating Online News Publications 12/14/09 Web 2.0 Training Richard Gingras
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned Not to Be Overwhelmed About this Strange Video Stuff and Love It! 07/14/09 Multimedia Training Eric Seals
Journalism Dying Journalism Shmying 07/12/09 Multimedia Training Jane Stevens
Multimedia Design Concepts 06/18/09 Multimedia Training Scot Hacker, Josh Williams
Friday Night Rewind... and Forward 06/16/09 Multimedia Training John Cotey