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The Knight Digital Media Center has hosted dozens of multimedia and internet technology training workshops, and each workshop consists of dozens of presentations by our in-house trainers and invited guests. Our entire history of webcast presentations is listed here, some with downloadable slideshows, PDFs, and other documentation. See also: Workshops past and present

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Presentation Date Workshop Presenter(s) W A
Filling the Void in Community News Coverage 06/14/09 Multimedia Training Margie Freivogel, Nicole Hollway
Using Online Tools to Reinforce your Career 05/20/09 Multimedia Training David Cohn, Kwan Booth
There Will be Swearing, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept Mistakes 05/19/09 Multimedia Training Justin Ellis
Multimedia and Convergence - Curse or Cure? 05/18/09 Multimedia Training Shoba Purushothaman
Multimedia Design Concepts 05/18/09 Multimedia Training Scot Hacker, Josh Williams
Cultivating the Seeds of Transformation 05/17/09 Multimedia Training Laura Varon Brown, Craig Porter, Mandi Wright
A Journalist's Guide to the Digital Age 03/24/09 Multimedia Training Mark Briggs
The Golden Age of Journalism 03/23/09 Multimedia Training Richard Hernandez
Mobile Devices and the Future 03/23/09 Multimedia Training Geeta Dayal
10 Lessons from the Front Lines of New Media 03/22/09 Multimedia Training Robert Long, Lucia Blackwell
The Golden Age of Journalism 02/20/09 Technology Training Richard Hernandez
Reports from the Field 02/19/09 Technology Training Mandy Jenkins, Mary Forgione, Emilia Askari, Carson Walker
The Windy Citizen: Lessons from the Future 02/18/09 Technology Training Brad Flora
The West Seattle Blog 02/18/09 Technology Training Tracy Record
The Internet Reporter and Multimedia 02/17/09 Technology Training Jessica Partnow, Sarah Stuteville
New and Old Roles for Tomorrow’s Journalists 02/17/09 Technology Training Lauren Rich Fine
Everything You Should Know in 10,000 Words 01/13/09 Multimedia Training Mark Luckie
Embrace Engagement: Gannett's Information Centers 01/12/09 Multimedia Training Jennifer Carroll
Guerilla Multimedia the CapeCast Way 01/12/09 Multimedia Training Jason Kolnos
From Newspaper Company to New Media Company 01/11/09 Multimedia Training Jennifer Baldwin, Matylda Czarnecka, Natalie Erlendson
The Golden Age of Journalism 12/19/08 Technology Training Richard Hernandez
SEO: Getting Found 12/18/08 Technology Training Charlene Li
Hyperlocal: Can It Work? 12/17/08 Technology Training Jonathan Krim
Economics of Journalism Today and Tomorrow 12/17/08 Technology Training Alan Mutter
The Internet Reporter, Life in the Field 12/16/08 Technology Training Jonathan Jones, Anna Sussman
Dig Deep: Advanced Reporting and Researching Online 07/08/08 Multimedia Training Amy Webb
Exploring the Future of Online Journalism 07/08/08 Multimedia Training Geeta Dayal
Evolution and Revolution: Today's Changing Newsroom 07/07/08 Multimedia Training Mark Briggs
From The New York Times to Your Newsroom: Tips on Multimedia Storytelling 07/07/08 Multimedia Training Andrew DeVigal
Beyond the Story-Centric Model of the Universe 07/06/08 Multimedia Training Daniel Gaines, Eric Ulken
Transforming Yourself and the Newsroom 06/11/08 Multimedia Training Marcus Chan
Yahoo! Live, Fire Eagle, and New Perspectives on What 'News' Means 06/10/08 Multimedia Training Chad Dickerson
Choosing the Right Tool for the Job 06/10/08 Multimedia Training Richard Hernandez
UGC at USA Today 06/09/08 Multimedia Training Patrick Cooper
Multimedia Reporting at Home and Abroad 06/09/08 Multimedia Training Jamie Gumbrecht
Rapid Change in the Newsroom 06/08/08 Multimedia Training Josh Williams, Zack Wise
Current, Collaborative Storytelling, Our Googlezon Future 05/21/08 Multimedia Training Robin Sloan
UGC and Multimedia at the BBC 05/20/08 Multimedia Training Chris Walton
Looking Big on a Small Budget 05/20/08 Multimedia Training Jay Koester
Building Local Conversation with Topix 05/19/08 Multimedia Training Blake Williams
Using Your New Skills to Get Your Dream Job 05/19/08 Multimedia Training Laylan Connelly
Cit-J, Community, Mashups and Mobile 05/18/08 Multimedia Training Jennifer Baldwin, Jason Sperber, Matylda Czarnecka
Managing Change in the Newsroom 04/18/08 Technology Training for Reporters Shawn McIntosh
Strategies for Hyper-local News 04/18/08 Technology Training for Reporters Logan Molen
Databases and the News: An Industry Survey Report 04/17/08 Technology Training for Reporters Steve Buttry
100 Megabits Across the Digital Divide, New Market Opportunities 04/17/08 Technology Training for Reporters Kahle Brewster
Community Journalism - Annoyance or Opportunity? 04/16/08 Technology Training for Reporters Kate Everett-Thorp
Visual Urban Data: Crimespotting in Oakland 04/16/08 Technology Training for Reporters Michal Migurski
Databases, the Information Angle, and Programmers 04/15/08 Technology Training for Reporters Matt Chittum
Delivery to Mobile Platforms 03/28/08 Technology Training for Editors Matt Jones