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The Knight Digital Media Center has hosted dozens of multimedia and internet technology training workshops, and each workshop consists of dozens of presentations by our in-house trainers and invited guests. Our entire history of webcast presentations is listed here, some with downloadable slideshows, PDFs, and other documentation. See also: Workshops past and present

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Presentation Date Workshop Presenter(s) W A
Facebook, Social Networking and the News 03/27/08 Technology Training for Editors Jeremiah Owyang
Mashups and Data Angles for News Stories 03/26/08 Technology Training for Editors Jared Cosulich, Frank Lester, Jim Ronningen
Managing Change in the Newsroom 03/25/08 Technology Training for Editors Ralph Gage
Rapid Change in the Newsroom 03/25/08 Technology Training for Editors Josh Williams, Zack Wise
Social Networking Sites as a Reporting Resource 01/09/08 Multimedia Training Jose Antonio Vargas, Meg Smith
Choosing the Right Tool for the Job 01/08/08 Multimedia Training Richard Hernandez
Serving an iWorld: Changing Newsroom Culture 01/08/08 Multimedia Training Jennifer Baldwin
Emerging Trends in Digital Media 01/07/08 Multimedia Training Seth Familian
Multimedia Storytelling: Plotting the Non-Linear Narrative 01/07/08 Multimedia Training Melissa Worden
The Multimedia Newsroom at The Oakland Tribune 01/06/08 Multimedia Training Sean Connelley, Kathleen Kirkwood
Deepening User Engagement 12/19/07 Multimedia Training Neil Chase
A Multimedia Approach to Covering Breaking News 12/18/07 Multimedia Training Regina McCombs
The Economics of News 12/18/07 Multimedia Training James T. Hamilton
Conceptualize, Manage and Promote Multimedia Projects 12/17/07 Multimedia Training Manny Crisostomo
Building Online Communities 12/17/07 Multimedia Training Lisa Williams
Building the Multimedia Newsroom 12/16/07 Multimedia Training Kevin Clerici, Gretchen Macchiarella, Bruce Mclean, John Moore
New Media Business 05/23/07 Multimedia Training Colin Crawford
New Media Technology 05/22/07 Multimedia Training Rob Curley
Multimedia Storytelling 05/22/07 Multimedia Training Richard Hernandez
Citizen Journalism 05/21/07 Multimedia Training Seth Gitner
Building the Multimedia Newsroom 05/20/07 Multimedia Training Alexa Capeloto, Tom Mallory, Chuck Scott, Nicole Vargas
New Technologies and the New Journalism 03/28/07 Multimedia Training Matt McAlister
It's Not About the Device, It's About the Information 03/27/07 Multimedia Training Rob Curley
Multimedia Storytelling From Start to Finish 03/27/07 Multimedia Training Sean Connelley, Katy Newton
Multimedia Backpack Reporting 03/26/07 Multimedia Training Kevin Sites
Blogging and News Sites: Joining the Conversation 03/26/07 Multimedia Training Lisa Stone
Building the Multimedia Newsroom 03/25/07 Multimedia Training Joe Howry, Anthony Plascencia, Colleen Cason, Tom Kisken
Online Business Models 2.0 12/13/06 Multimedia Training Al Bonner
News Site Interfaces and User Experience 12/12/06 Multimedia Training Seth Familian
Multimedia Storytelling From Start to Finish 12/12/06 Multimedia Training Seth Gitner
Approaches to Multimedia Storytelling 12/11/06 Multimedia Training Robert Hood, Travis Fox
Smart Mobs 12/11/06 Multimedia Training Howard Rheingold
Building the Multimedia Newsroom 12/10/06 Multimedia Training Joe Howry, Colleen Cason, Tom Kisken, Bruce Mclean
Online Advertising Models 05/24/06 Multimedia Training Phil Numrich
Doing Stories in Flash 05/23/06 Multimedia Training Panel
Doing a Multimedia Story 05/23/06 Multimedia Training Regina McCombs
Essential Tools for Local News Sites 05/22/06 Multimedia Training Bob Cauthorn
Video Game Storytelling: Remembering 7th Street 05/22/06 Multimedia Training Paul Grabowicz
The Newsroom of the Future 05/21/06 Multimedia Training Terry Moore, Linda Fantin, Diane Cox
Doing Flash Stories 03/30/06 Multimedia Training Kathleen Kirkwood, Kamika Dunlap, Martin Reynolds, Jane Tyska
An Online Culture of Trust 03/30/06 Multimedia Training Craig Newmark
VJ TV News 03/29/06 Multimedia Training Terisa Estacio
Integrating Citizen Journalism at Media Sites 03/29/06 Multimedia Training Dan Gillmor
Your Media, Our Media, We Media 03/28/06 Multimedia Training Jan Schaffer
Doing a Multimedia Story 03/28/06 Multimedia Training Regina McCombs
Building Local News Online Sites 03/27/06 Multimedia Training Bob Cauthorn
Why Should Journalists Care about Search? 03/27/06 Multimedia Training John Battelle
Let's Quit Building Crappy Newspaper Sites 05/27/05 Multimedia Training Rob Curley
Wikinews: Online News Community 05/26/05 Multimedia Training Wayne Saewyc
A Citizen Journalism Case Study 05/26/05 Multimedia Training May Lou Fulton