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KDMC has hosted dozens of speakers during our digital media training sessions, and most of them are webcast live. Here are presentations filed under "Branding." See also: Webcasts archive

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Complete list of Branding presentations:

The Future of Technology and Storytelling

David Pescovitz of BoingBoing.net and Institute for the Future delivers the closing keynote of kdmcBerkeley's Multimedia Storytelling Institute July 29th, 2012.

10 Steps To Build Your Brand

KDMC design and data visualization instructor Len De Groot covers the 10 fundamental steps to building a maintaining a solid brand identity, focused on news organizations.

From Experiment to Start-Up Hyperlocal Success

Amy Senk from Corona Del Mar Today describes the entrepreneurial experience of launching a successful hyperlocal news site.

Your Greatest Asset: Brand You

Joe Grimm is a columnist for Poynter Online and also a resident in the Graduate School of Journalism at Michigan State. Grimm runs the journalism career strategies site jobspage.com. In this presentation, Grimm discusses the importance of personal branding for journalists in the digital age. "I believe in mash-ups. I believe in being remarkable," says Grimm.

Selling Ads: Real World Successes and Failures

Barry Parr of the Coast Sider website talks to the fellows about making money by selling ads and dealing with the competition to make money.

Lessons for 4-Wheel Journalism

Ben Ilfeld is the Chief Operating Officer of SacramentoPress.com, a hyperlocal news site focusing on the Sacramento Metro Area. On Sunday, March 21, 2010 Ilfeld spoke to fellows attending the KDMC's Independent Journalism Workshop, sharing how to "create, sustain and grow" a lively, citizen-friendly news site. Here, he covers the advantages of being able to update an online article as a story develops over time; the different ways that users interact with online news publications; the importance of keeping the community at the center of every media business; how to attract advertisers, and much more.

Journalists as Curators. Journalists as Scholars.

Josh Korr, director of product management for Publish2, shares how curation can build an audience, grow a community, and bring journalism into the realm of scholarship.

Sheparding a Brand Across Multiple Platforms

Michela O'Connor: President of Dwell LLC talks to the fellows about building a brand and maximizing the opportunities that are out there.

Innovating Online News Publications

Richard Gingras, CEO Salon Media Group, talks to the fellows about product development and gathering information.

Journalism Dying Journalism Shmying

Jane E. Stevens, director of online strategies, The World Company talks to the fellows about social media and how it can help fund journalism.

Filling the Void in Community News Coverage

Margaret Wolf Freivogel, founding editor, and Nicole Hollway, St. Louis Beacon talks to the fellows about applying new media to help enhance stories and also how to survive in the journalism world.

Using Online Tools to Reinforce your Career

David Cohn and Kwan Booth discuss their innovative idea to fund news, a site called spot.us that pitches stories to the public and invites them to donate towards the completion of a particular story. Cohn and Booth also share how social networking tools such as Twitter and Facebook have helped them brand themselves online.

Multimedia and Convergence - Curse or Cure?

Shoba Purushothaman, Chairman and Co-Founder of The Newsmarket discusses the convergence of multimedia and business. She shares her perspective as a former journalist who now distributes multimedia stories for businesses.

Multimedia Design Concepts

KDMC webmaster Scot Hacker and Graduate School of Journalism technology instructor Josh Williams present a crash course / overview of multimedia design principles that every site should take seriously, covering topics as diverse as working with color palettes, designing for readability, user- and browser-testing, dimensions and resolution, typography, spacing and alignment, simplifying user interfaces, actionable lessons from eyetrack studies and more.

A Journalist's Guide to the Digital Age

Mark Briggs speaks to the fellows about the new information ecosystem and the emergence of independent journalism. Briggs outlines what new skills independent journalists should acquire and how to make journalism marketable in the digital world.

The Windy Citizen: Lessons from the Future

Brad Flora discusses best practices for journalism entrepreneurship and hyperlocal blogging.

The West Seattle Blog

Tracy Record talks about her experience managing a hyperlocal website.

New and Old Roles for Tomorrow’s Journalists

Lauren Rich Fine presents on the future of journalism and the expectations journalist should embrace.

Everything You Should Know in 10,000 Words

Mark Luckie, 10,000 Words, talks to the fellows about building a brand and the new ways to tell stories and embrace your audience.

Embrace Engagement: Gannett's Information Centers

Jennifer Carroll, Gannett Company, talks to the fellows about the importance of hyperlocal news and understanding your audience.

From Newspaper Company to New Media Company

Jennifer Baldwin, Matylda Czarnecka, and Natalie Erlendson talks to the fellows about how important it is to create a market as a small paper and balancing life as a journalist.

SEO: Getting Found

Technology is changing and journalism should change with it, says Charlene Li, co-author of "Groundswell".  Li talks about listening to the community you want to serve, using Web tools to achieve your goals, and preparing for the future of journalism and social networking.

Building Local Conversation with Topix

Blake Williams presents "Building Local Conversation with Topix" at the May 2008 Multimedia Reporting and Convergence workshop.

Community Journalism - Annoyance or Opportunity?

Kate Everett Thorp, RealGirlsMedia talks to the fellows about her experiences in starting a website and her own communications agencies.

Deepening User Engagement

Neil Chase, Vice president of author services at Federated Media, formerly of the New York Times talks to the fellows about selling and building a brand.

Online Advertising Models

Phil Numrich, Internet Broadcasting Systems shares his thoughts with the fellows about how advertising works on the web.

An Online Culture of Trust

Craig Newmark of Craigslist talks to the fellows about ads and how Craigslist has impacted the state of newspapers.

Craigslist and Emerging Journalism

Craig Newmark of Craigslist talks to the fellows about ads and how Craigslist has impacted the state of newspapers.

Online Advertising and Revenue: The Personal Shopper

Bob Cauthorn of the San Francisco Chronicle shares his thoughts on the future of journalism and the expectations of reporters in the new age of journalism.