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KDMC has hosted dozens of speakers during our digital media training sessions, and most of them are webcast live. Here are presentations filed under "Innovations." See also: Webcasts archive

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Complete list of Innovations presentations:

The Future of Technology and Storytelling

David Pescovitz of BoingBoing.net and Institute for the Future delivers the closing keynote of kdmcBerkeley's Multimedia Storytelling Institute July 29th, 2012.

How To Tell Stories with Data (Really)

Edward Segel, a recent data visualization consultant for Bloomberg News, talks to fellows at the Jan. 2012 KDMC Digital Storytelling workshop about the power of telling stories visually with data and interactivity.

The Changing World of Journalism

Data Visualization Strategy and Workflow

KDMC instructor Len de Groot leads the workshop through a variety of tips, techniques and strategies for utilizing data visualization effectively in the newsroom.

The 21st-Century Studio

One Independent Laptop Producer's Thoughts on the Journey from KDMC to the Field to the Challenges of Today's Niche Audiences Corey Takahashi, independent journalist and producer, gives a behind-the-scenes look on how he produces quality multimedia packages without a crew. Every laptop producer creates their own setup. Takahashi explains how his came together, (built slowly over time as each piece of equipment began to pay for itself), and how he moved from doing no video -- before he attended the KDMC workshops -- to doing a fair amount of it now.

Working in a Visual World

Gary Reyes, staff photojournalist, San Jose Mercury News, talks about how journalists can use the reporting skills they already have to create multimedia pieces for daily news. Reyes talks about making the leap from silent fly-on-the-wall photographer, to asking-questions in-your-face journalist, and the tips and techniques he's learned along the way.

Telling Stories with Maps and Data Part 1

Shan Carter of the New York Times shows examples of data-driven storytelling. Carter explains the process and work flow of developing data visualizations in his newsroom.

Finding Stories in Data

William Frey, senior fellow with the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution. Dr. Frey has written widely on issues relating to migration, population redistribution, and the demography of metropolitan areas. He has authored well over 100 publications and several books including Regional and Metropolitan Growth and Decline in the US (Russell Sage, 1988, with Alden Speare, Jr); and America By the Numbers: A Fieldguide to the US Population (The New Press, 2001 with Bill Abresch and Jonathan Yeasting). At Michigan he has directed projects with the National Science Foundation, NICHD Center for Population Research, NIA, and several foundations. He has contributed to the 1995 President's National Urban Policy Report, to HUD's State of the Cities 2000 report, to the Russell Sage Foundation's Census research series in 1980 and 1990, and has been consultant to the US Census Bureau on migration research and publications. He served as contributing editor to American Demographics magazine.

Patchwork Nation, Transcending Borders

Dante Chinni, project director, Patchwork Nation, The Christian Science Monitor Patchwork Nation examines the American political landscape by developing communities based on similar data, including heavily religious areas, boomtowns, industrial areas, and areas with high immigration. This use of “target marketing” to tell stories demonstrates how data can change how we find and report stories in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

YouTube News: Broadcasting the World

Olivia Ma, News Manager, gives tips on how news organizations can use YouTube to brand their content and crowd source content from citizen journalists.

A Photojournalist's Guide to the Multimedia Galaxy

Tim Rasmussen describes how he made the transition from photojournalist to multimedia journalist.

Your Greatest Asset: Brand You

Joe Grimm is a columnist for Poynter Online and also a resident in the Graduate School of Journalism at Michigan State. Grimm runs the journalism career strategies site jobspage.com. In this presentation, Grimm discusses the importance of personal branding for journalists in the digital age. "I believe in mash-ups. I believe in being remarkable," says Grimm.

Selling Ads: Real World Successes and Failures

Barry Parr of the Coast Sider website talks to the fellows about making money by selling ads and dealing with the competition to make money.

Lessons for 4-Wheel Journalism

Ben Ilfeld is the Chief Operating Officer of SacramentoPress.com, a hyperlocal news site focusing on the Sacramento Metro Area. On Sunday, March 21, 2010 Ilfeld spoke to fellows attending the KDMC's Independent Journalism Workshop, sharing how to "create, sustain and grow" a lively, citizen-friendly news site. Here, he covers the advantages of being able to update an online article as a story develops over time; the different ways that users interact with online news publications; the importance of keeping the community at the center of every media business; how to attract advertisers, and much more.

Data Visualization on a Budget

Len De Groot of the KDMC Staff talks to the fellows about Data Visualization. The helpful sites, tools and tips to expand stories in order to grab the readers attention.

Sheparding a Brand Across Multiple Platforms

Michela O'Connor: President of Dwell LLC talks to the fellows about building a brand and maximizing the opportunities that are out there.

Mobile & Live Video Techniques

Joe Ruiz, Associate Producer, SeattleTimes.com talks to the fellows about some inexpensive tools to shoot video and techniques to capture video.

Developing Social Media Workflow in Your Newsroom

Sona Patel, Social Media Producer, SeattleTimes.com, is a KDMC fellow who has returned to share the successful methods she uses to engage readers via Twitter and Face Book.

Old Journalists in New Media

Kevin Graman and Colin Mulvany are colleagues at the Spokesman-Review. They have worked together on many packages together. Mulvany focuses on multimedia production and photography, while Graman writes feature stories and narration for the videos. Together they give guidelines on how photographers and writers can support each other when co-producing multimedia projects.

Data Visualization on a Budget

Josh Hatch, USA Today! talks to the fellows about data visualization and some of the free web tools that can be used to enhance articles and capture readers.

Innovating Online News Publications

Richard Gingras, CEO Salon Media Group, talks to the fellows about product development and gathering information.

Journalism Dying Journalism Shmying

Jane E. Stevens, director of online strategies, The World Company talks to the fellows about social media and how it can help fund journalism.

Friday Night Rewind... and Forward

John Cotey, columnist, St. Petersburg Times/tampabay.com on rapid fire self-driven video production.

Filling the Void in Community News Coverage

Margaret Wolf Freivogel, founding editor, and Nicole Hollway, St. Louis Beacon talks to the fellows about applying new media to help enhance stories and also how to survive in the journalism world.

Multimedia and Convergence - Curse or Cure?

Shoba Purushothaman, Chairman and Co-Founder of The Newsmarket discusses the convergence of multimedia and business. She shares her perspective as a former journalist who now distributes multimedia stories for businesses.

Multimedia Design Concepts

KDMC webmaster Scot Hacker and Graduate School of Journalism technology instructor Josh Williams present a crash course / overview of multimedia design principles that every site should take seriously, covering topics as diverse as working with color palettes, designing for readability, user- and browser-testing, dimensions and resolution, typography, spacing and alignment, simplifying user interfaces, actionable lessons from eyetrack studies and more.

The Windy Citizen: Lessons from the Future

Brad Flora discusses best practices for journalism entrepreneurship and hyperlocal blogging.

New and Old Roles for Tomorrow’s Journalists

Lauren Rich Fine presents on the future of journalism and the expectations journalist should embrace.

Everything You Should Know in 10,000 Words

Mark Luckie, 10,000 Words, talks to the fellows about building a brand and the new ways to tell stories and embrace your audience.

Guerilla Multimedia the CapeCast Way

Jason Kolnos, Cape Cod Times, talks with the fellows about webcasting and his experience with Cape Cod Times.

SEO: Getting Found

Technology is changing and journalism should change with it, says Charlene Li, co-author of "Groundswell".  Li talks about listening to the community you want to serve, using Web tools to achieve your goals, and preparing for the future of journalism and social networking.

Hyperlocal: Can It Work?

Jonathan Krim comes from loudounextra.com, a hyperlocal news site created by The Washington Post. He pins down hyperlocal news myths, what works and what doesn't, and how to cover local news in a variety of markets with authority and personality.

Economics of Journalism Today and Tomorrow

The days of merely writing a story are long gone. Mutter details how journalists must use the vast resources of the Web to not only survive, but thrive in today's age of digital interactivity.  He covers everything from crowdsourcing to widgets to reputation ranking.

Exploring the Future of Online Journalism

Geeta Dayal, staff researcher from the MIT Center for Future Civic Media shares new frontiers for journalism utilizing mobile platforms

Evolution and Revolution: Today's Changing Newsroom

Mark Briggs shares his experience as assistant managing editor for interactive news at The News Tribune

Rapid Change in the Newsroom

Zach Wise and Josh Williams talk about multimedia developments at The Las Vegas Sun

Current, Collaborative Storytelling, Our Googlezon Future

Robin Sloan, Strategist, presents "Current, Collaborative Storytelling, and Our Googlezon Future" at the May 2008 Multimedia Reporting and Convergence workshop.

Community Journalism - Annoyance or Opportunity?

Kate Everett Thorp, RealGirlsMedia talks to the fellows about her experiences in starting a website and her own communications agencies.

Visual Urban Data: Crimespotting in Oakland

Michal Migurski, Stamen Design talks to the fellows about reporting crime in Oakland and how using interactive maps to enhance the readers experience.

Databases, the Information Angle, and Programmers

Matt Chittum, The Roanoke Times DataSphere talks to the fellows about some techniques of using databases to attract readers to their news organizations website.

Delivery to Mobile Platforms

Matt Jones, director of mobile strategy and operations at Gannett Digital, presents Delivery to Mobile Platforms during the Technology Training for Editors workshop of March 2008.

Facebook, Social Networking and the News

Jerimiah Owyang, senior analyst at Forrester Research, presents Facebook, Social Networking and the News at the March 2008 Technology Training for Editors workshop.

Mashups and Data Angles for News Stories

A local panel drawn for the Bay Area consisting of entrepreneur Jared Cosulich of Community Walk, Frank Lester of the UCB Institute of Government Services Library, and Jim Ronnigen of the UCB Documents, News and Economics Library discuss Mashups and the Data Angle for News Stories.

Rapid Change in the Newsroom

Speakers Zack Wise and Josh Williams from the Las Vegas Sun present the workshop keynote for the March 2008 Technology Training for Editors workshop on the topic: Rapid Change in the Newsroom.

Serving an iWorld: Changing Newsroom Culture

Jennifer Baldwin, contributions editor, The Bakersfield Californian talks to the fellows about reader generated content and web first publishing.

Emerging Trends in Digital Media

Seth Familian talks to the fellows about digital media and its influence on user experience.

Multimedia Storytelling: Plotting the Non-Linear Narrative

Melissa Worden talks to the fellows about using all the tools to produce multimedia and enhance stories.

The Multimedia Newsroom at The Oakland Tribune

Sean Connelley and Kathleen Kirkwood of the Oakland Tribune talk to the fellows about Multimedia and its importance in their newsrooms at their news organizations.

Deepening User Engagement

Neil Chase, Vice president of author services at Federated Media, formerly of the New York Times talks to the fellows about selling and building a brand.

A Multimedia Approach to Covering Breaking News

A presentation by Regina McCombs, Senior Producer for Multimedia at the Minneapolis Star Tribune sharing with the fellows about new approaches with Multimedia and how important Multimedia is for the future.

Building Online Communities

Presentation on building communities online with H20Town founder, Lisa WIlliams

New Media Business

Colin Crawford, IDG Communications shares with the fellows techniques about the driving force of internet content and the expectations of New Media.

New Media Technology

Rob Curley talks to the fellows about New Media Journalism and how it will influence the world of journalism as we know it.

Multimedia Storytelling

San Jose Murcury News - Richard Koci Hernandez shares with the fellows hints and tips on producing multimedia content for their news organizations.

Citizen Journalism

Seth Gitner and Lindsey Nair from Roanoke.com talk to the fellows about the importance of multimedia reporting for the future and share helpful hints about enhancing stories for readers.

Multimedia Storytelling From Start to Finish

Sean Connelley and Katy Newton, Oakland Tribune share the experiences about the development of an interactive homicide map for the Oakland Tribune.

Multimedia Backpack Reporting

Kevin Sites of Yahoo! shares his thoughts about one-man-band reporting and how journalists are expected to do it all.

News Site Interfaces and User Experience

Seth Familian, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, talks to the fellows about tackling new media, future trends and entrepreneurship.

Smart Mobs

Howard Rheingold, "Smart Mobs" author, talks to the fellows about convergence and different innovations that should be incorporated into the daily life of a journalist.

Doing Stories in Flash

A panel of Oakland Tribune reporters, photographers and editors talk about multimedia, the excitement of flash storytelling and the future of the newsrooms.

Essential Tools for Local News Sites

Bob Cauthorn, City Tools talks to the fellows about innovation and shares trend-setting techniques that are essential for future of news sites.

Video Game Storytelling: Remembering 7th Street

Paul Grabowicz, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism shares his experience with producing a video game and how the tools and techniques to produce the game can be used as a form of storytelling.

Doing Flash Stories

Kamika Dunlap, Kathleen Kirkwood, Martin G. Reynolds, and Jane Tyska of the Oakland Tribune talk about the importance of multimedia reporting and the interest it has created for newspaper websites.

An Online Culture of Trust

Craig Newmark of Craigslist talks to the fellows about ads and how Craigslist has impacted the state of newspapers.

Integrating Citizen Journalism at Media Sites

Dan Gillmor, Center for Citizen Media, shares with the fellows helpful tips on incorporating audiences into the storytelling process. He also talks about the "read and write" website he works at.

Why Should Journalists Care about Search?

John Battelle, author of "The Search" talks to the fellows about using a new innovation called 'search' to direct audiences and help them find information.

Let's Quit Building Crappy Newspaper Sites

Rob Curley of the Lawrence Journal-World talks to the fellows about the future of journalism and the importance of convergence.

Wikinews: Online News Community

Amgine (Wayne Saewyc) of Wikinews shares his thoughts about community generated content and how fast a community can build a website.

A Citizen Journalism Case Study

Mary Lou Fulton of the Bakersfield Californian talks to the fellows about citizen journalism and how public participation can be a unique and compelling practice.

VR Photography and Journalism

G. Donald Bain, UC Berkeley Geography Computing Facility, and Landis Bennett, World Wide Panorama share their thoughts with the fellows about imagery and geography and how it is intertwined with journalism.

Grassroots Media

Dan Gillmor of Grassroots Media, Inc. talks to the fellows about the evolution of journalism and where he sees journalism in the future.

Future Roles of Editors and Reporters

Bob Cauthorn of City Tools shares his thoughts on the future of journalism and the expectations of reporters in the new age of journalism.

Earth Stories: Mapping Technologies for New Media

Andria Ruben McCool of Keyhole shares how mapping technologies help enhance stories and can be used to capture readers in remarkable ways.

Let's Quit Building Crappy Newspaper Sites

Rob Curley of the Lawrence Journal-World talks to the fellows about the future of journalism and the importance of convergence.

Craigslist and Emerging Journalism

Craig Newmark of Craigslist talks to the fellows about ads and how Craigslist has impacted the state of newspapers.

Audioblogging and Podcasting

Noah Glass of Odeo and Audioblogger talks to the fellows about web blogging and how podcasts can be used as a great tool for journalist.

Online Advertising and Revenue: The Personal Shopper

Bob Cauthorn of the San Francisco Chronicle shares his thoughts on the future of journalism and the expectations of reporters in the new age of journalism.

Internet Users and The DayPart Survey

Rusty Coats, director of new media at Mori Research, talks to the fellows about one of his projects and how it will impact journalism in the future.

Charging For Online Content

Peter Krasilovsky, vice president and senior partner of Borrell Associates, shares his thoughts about the importance of the internet and if anybody will pay for online content.

Charging For Online Content

Vin Crosbie, president and managing partner of Digital Deliverance, talks to the fellows about charging for online content and if anybody would actually pay for it.

Wireless Technology

Cory Doctorow, co-editor of Boing Boing weblog and outreach coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation talks to the fellows about the future of journalism and how wireless technology will impact reporting in the future.