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KDMC has hosted dozens of speakers during our digital media training sessions, and most of them are webcast live. Here are presentations filed under "Designing for Readers." See also: Webcasts archive

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Complete list of Designing for Readers presentations:

The Future of Technology and Storytelling

David Pescovitz of BoingBoing.net and Institute for the Future delivers the closing keynote of kdmcBerkeley's Multimedia Storytelling Institute July 29th, 2012.

Kicking and Screaming: Making the Transition to Multimedia...One Training Session at a Time

Penelope Carrington of the Richmond Times-Dispatch is an award-winning multimedia reporter at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, a nearly 200,000-circulation newspaper in Central Virginia. Carrington discusses the importance of having a plan B when shooting video and photos for multimedia projects. She also shares hilarious stories of how she learned to shoot video, write scripts, perform voiceovers and produce online Flash projects with minimal training after being reorganized to the multimedia department in 2008.

Lessons from Video, Data and Interactive Graphics

Laura Sparks talks to KDMC workshop fellows about multimedia storytelling and shares examples from the Wisconsin State Journal. Her advice: Choose the right tools for the job. Make strategic decisions about when multimedia storytelling is worth the time investment. Don't be afraid to experiment. She has found that multimedia storytelling is amply rewarded in reader engagement.

YouTube News: Broadcasting the World

Olivia Ma, News Manager, gives tips on how news organizations can use YouTube to brand their content and crowd source content from citizen journalists.

A Photojournalist's Guide to the Multimedia Galaxy

Tim Rasmussen describes how he made the transition from photojournalist to multimedia journalist.

Selling Ads: Real World Successes and Failures

Barry Parr of the Coast Sider website talks to the fellows about making money by selling ads and dealing with the competition to make money.

Lessons for 4-Wheel Journalism

Ben Ilfeld is the Chief Operating Officer of SacramentoPress.com, a hyperlocal news site focusing on the Sacramento Metro Area. On Sunday, March 21, 2010 Ilfeld spoke to fellows attending the KDMC's Independent Journalism Workshop, sharing how to "create, sustain and grow" a lively, citizen-friendly news site. Here, he covers the advantages of being able to update an online article as a story develops over time; the different ways that users interact with online news publications; the importance of keeping the community at the center of every media business; how to attract advertisers, and much more.

Data Visualization on a Budget

Len De Groot of the KDMC Staff talks to the fellows about Data Visualization. The helpful sites, tools and tips to expand stories in order to grab the readers attention.

Sheparding a Brand Across Multiple Platforms

Michela O'Connor: President of Dwell LLC talks to the fellows about building a brand and maximizing the opportunities that are out there.

Data Visualization on a Budget

Josh Hatch, USA Today! talks to the fellows about data visualization and some of the free web tools that can be used to enhance articles and capture readers.

Multimedia Design Concepts

KDMC webmaster Scot Hacker and Graduate School of Journalism technology instructor Josh Williams present a crash course / overview of multimedia design principles that every site should take seriously, covering topics as diverse as working with color palettes, designing for readability, user- and browser-testing, dimensions and resolution, typography, spacing and alignment, simplifying user interfaces, actionable lessons from eyetrack studies and more.

A Journalist's Guide to the Digital Age

Mark Briggs speaks to the fellows about the new information ecosystem and the emergence of independent journalism. Briggs outlines what new skills independent journalists should acquire and how to make journalism marketable in the digital world.

The Golden Age of Journalism

Richard Koci Hernandez discusses the opportunities that technology provides for multimedia storytelling.

10 Lessons from the Front Lines of New Media

Robert Long and Lucia Blackwell share their experiences with New Media incorporation at Delaware's News Journal.

Reports from the Field

An impromptu panel on industry trends with four of the February '09 KDMC fellows.

The Windy Citizen: Lessons from the Future

Brad Flora discusses best practices for journalism entrepreneurship and hyperlocal blogging.

The West Seattle Blog

Tracy Record talks about her experience managing a hyperlocal website.

Everything You Should Know in 10,000 Words

Mark Luckie, 10,000 Words, talks to the fellows about building a brand and the new ways to tell stories and embrace your audience.

Embrace Engagement: Gannett's Information Centers

Jennifer Carroll, Gannett Company, talks to the fellows about the importance of hyperlocal news and understanding your audience.

From Newspaper Company to New Media Company

Jennifer Baldwin, Matylda Czarnecka, and Natalie Erlendson talks to the fellows about how important it is to create a market as a small paper and balancing life as a journalist.

The Golden Age of Journalism

A former photojournalist for the San Jose Mercury News, Koci Hernandez encourages all journalists to explore their own creativity, to make mistakes, and above all, to practice multimedia reporting as much as they can.  Journalism is not dying, it is merely changing. There will always be a place for storytellers, he says.

UGC at USA Today

Patrick Cooper of USA Today shares strategies for effectively utilizing user-generated content. Learn how to interact with your audience and even make your readers part of the storytelling process. Cooper explains how USA Today changed their own storytelling process through "network journalism" and integration.

Rapid Change in the Newsroom

Zach Wise and Josh Williams talk about multimedia developments at The Las Vegas Sun

Looking Big on a Small Budget

Jay Koester, Online Editor of the El Paso Times, presents "Looking Big on a Small Budget" at the May 2008 Multimedia Reporting and Convergence workshop.

Rapid Change in the Newsroom

Speakers Zack Wise and Josh Williams from the Las Vegas Sun present the workshop keynote for the March 2008 Technology Training for Editors workshop on the topic: Rapid Change in the Newsroom.

Emerging Trends in Digital Media

Seth Familian talks to the fellows about digital media and its influence on user experience.

News Site Interfaces and User Experience

Seth Familian, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, talks to the fellows about tackling new media, future trends and entrepreneurship.

Video Game Storytelling: Remembering 7th Street

Paul Grabowicz, UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism shares his experience with producing a video game and how the tools and techniques to produce the game can be used as a form of storytelling.

Let's Quit Building Crappy Newspaper Sites

Rob Curley of the Lawrence Journal-World talks to the fellows about the future of journalism and the importance of convergence.

A Citizen Journalism Case Study

Mary Lou Fulton of the Bakersfield Californian talks to the fellows about citizen journalism and how public participation can be a unique and compelling practice.

Let's Quit Building Crappy Newspaper Sites

Rob Curley of the Lawrence Journal-World talks to the fellows about the future of journalism and the importance of convergence.

Putting Multimedia Into Practice

Rob Curley of the Lawrence Journal-World talks to the fellows about the future of journalism and the importance of convergence.

Putting Multimedia Into Practice

Rob Curley of the Lawrence Journal-World talks to the fellows about the future of journalism and the importance of convergence.