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Global Warming: An interactive look

Who do you blame for global warming? Is it the oil companies? Greedy consumers? Are we all responsible? Do you even care? Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott does. He has pledged to reduce the energy consumption of his stores by 20 percent over the next seven years. As the largest private user of electricity, Wal-Mart’s efforts will have a great impact, but it won’t be enough. By better understanding the impacts of global warming, we can all work to reduce our carbon footprint. Get the facts and join the discussion on Facebook


CO2 emmisions between 1793 and 2006



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US Energy and Gas Consumption



Businessman John Doerr talks about the economics of going green.

Stanford University’s Solar Center looks at the disturbing trends of global warming.

NASA researchers look at the causes of global warming and offer an optimistic look at our future.





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