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Food Frights: health, environment and the American diet

America's Youth Devastated by Obesity

The youth of America are facing an unprecedented danger-their diets. Today's youth are predicted to live 10 years less than their parents due to their dietary condition.

Healthy Eating Habits

The new dietary guidelines offer guidance for Americans. But will it work?

What's wrong with what we eat?

Americans eat too much meat.  That's the simple part.  Mark Bittman says if we don't stop factory farming and overconsumption, the results could be catastrophic.

Fighting Teen Obesity in America

Jamie Oliver is putting the foot down on obesity. How can we stop this problem, what does this issue mean for the future of America.

Additional Resources 

Teaching your kids to cook

A high quality blog featuring tips on teaching children how to cook, recipes and other fun nutritional related information. 

The dos and don'ts of calorie counting

A blog written by health care professionals detailing how to count calories.

Exercise for the youth

A complete resource for designing a fun exercise program for your child. 

Recipes and advice

How to cook healthfully

Dietary guidelines for Americans

2011 revision of USDA guidelines



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