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Godspeed in Oakland is the ultimate speed parlour, housing a world-class garage, tattoo shop and bar under the same roof. Owner Dan Mather created this one-of-kind hangout in 2006, where he and friends could soup up their rat bikes, hoist a beer, and shoot some pool, simultaneously. Now, five years later, this one-of-a-kind gathering spot gets big love from the notorious East Bay Rats, neighborhood buddies and Berkeley professors alike. Waffles by day, go-go dancers by night, and speed records to boot.

Located at 5532 San Pablo Ave, in Oakland, CA, Godspeed is one of handful of remaining Oakland Harley motorcycle repair shops. Godspeed has two floors. Hear from Dan and view the space by clicking below. Come on in. Meet Dan and his crew.

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Godspeed owner Dan Mather recounts the history and character of his Oakland bike shop.

Click on the above image and move your mouse around to see how Godspeed has integrated its tattoo parlor, garage, and bar.

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