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Videos and online games are not just for fun. They are changing the way knowledge spreads and ushering in new possibilities for learning. This new sharing of information and ideas can now reach every corner of the world.

Geeks to the rescue 

If Berkeley students spent more time playing online games, could they save civilization? One thought leader says yes. Others aren't so sure. We traveled to UC Berkeley, whose gamers are ranked among the best in the country. Is the future in their hands?

Vid-innovation: web video inspires innovation

The spread of video is changing the way the world relates, interacts and learns. Berkeley students and staff are on the cusp of a trend that is pushing the boundaries of knowledge to new heights -- and new speeds. From cooking to dancing to astrophysics, video is altering the way we see and acquire information.

Inspiration goes viral

Online videos serve as a great source of entertainment for many, but can they do more? A social media expert believes online videos can be educational and will change the way communities across the world interact with one another. People at one university in Northern California agree, saying online videos are inspiring and educational.

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