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Vid-innovation: Web Video Inspires Innovation

Web video is the new lubricant of global innovation. The ability to see video online, coupled with a shared common interest and a desire to improve, means the pace of learning is accelerating as never before. Sharing information with the worldwide 'crowd' almost invariably makes it better. It fosters innovation. This democratization of knowledge stretches from the practical to the profound, the silly to the sanctimonious. It serves one purpose: moving the chains of human knowledge forward.

By Douglas Robson

One way we can see the rise in crowd accelerated innovation is by looking at the migration to web-based learning. Below is a map showing the increase in online student enrollment in a number of countries from 2003-08. The darker countries have experienced a larger percentage increase over this perdiod.

Percent Change in Online Enrollment 2003-08

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Viewers are also flocking to the web. Though TV still is the top choice for Americans, tracking services point the shifting habits to web and mobile services.

The world is catching on to the video-learning trend. Educators are taking notice. Websites and blogs are fueling the movement. People are buzzing.

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