Digital Media stories by KDMC Fellows

Fellows in KDMC training programs go on to produce media- and technology-rich stories at their home publications.

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Black retailers lose out on $1 tril. of Black buying power

Oak Park resident Maggie Anderson, who along with her husband, John, shopped Black-owned businesses for a year and penned a book called “Our Black Year” detailing the family’s struggle to find basic necessities to keep a household running just by shopping at Black-owned retailers and stores. Their experiment drew headlines as well as criticism – some labeling the family as racist for shopping Black. But for Anderson the goal was to spark a debate about self-help economics and Black conscious consumerism that harkens back to Marcus Garvey.

Artist links Black on Black violence to the KKK

KKK-Kin Killin’ Kin is artist James Pate’s private, but now very public protest, against Black on Black violence in urban communities nationwide. The Ohio artist uses stark charcoal drawings to visually compare Black on Black violence to that of the terrorism perpetrated against Blacks during the Jim Crow era by the Ku Klux Klan.

Donde nace el Carnaval

Audio, text, photos, video. " watch how the Carnival awake, it's necessary walk south to north on Bryant street, very early, while still other neighborhood streets look empty, long before the jubilant crowd who usually attest the Mission come to watch the parade..."

The Moore Tornado: Walking the path of destruction

A team of journalists walked the path of the Moore, Okla tornado collecting stories of the storm and meeting people in the process of recovery. The feature is packaged in a scrolling format that leads the reader through the narrative with graphics, videos, photos and other features blended into the text.

Reporter Staff Writer Catherine Bowen was given the opportunity to participate in a trauma training drill with CALSTAR air ambulance and Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Vacaville. What follows is her fi

I was video editor for this project. The Reporter photographer Rick Roach shadowed our staff writer during a trauma drill. All the footage was shot using an iPhone 5 and audio captured with the phone's internal mics. I used Sony Vegas to edit this video. Reporter Staff Writer Catherine Bowen was given the opportunity to participate in a trauma training drill with CALSTAR air ambulance and Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Vacaville. What follows is her first-person, inside look at the experience of a trauma patient. Read story

The Reporter: Spirit of the Community

The purpose of this video was to promote my newspaper's participation in the community of Vacaville. I had four days to create this video -- including script & storyboard development, booking, on location interviews, b-roll footage, and post production. The video premiered at The Reporter Chamber of Commerce event on March 7th, 2013. It is currently featured on

How journalists can use location-based apps as a reporting tool

As geo-tagged information is becoming more widely available, so are the options for how journalists can use it. Location-based service applications designed to use geo-tagged posts — like Banjo, Sonar and Geofeedia — can help journalists find story ideas, develop new sources, and track news events through people posting from the scene.

COACHELLA 2013: When does Coachella announce the lineup?

I cover the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival every year. My audience grew as the anticipation for the lineup announcement grew. Since so many people found my content by searching when the organizers would announce the lineup, I looked at historical data and made two graphics--one charting when the lineup had been released in prior years and one that was a simple bar graph looking at the frequency of which days of the week were the most popular for the lineup release. I then took the images of the charts and added them in Thinglink to create more engagement opportunities for the reader. It has been shared more than 2,500 times on social media.

INTERACTIVE MAP: The manhunt for Christopher Dorner

A map tracking the manhunt for Christopher Dorner, a rogue ex-LAPD officer who is suspected in three slayings. The search for Dorner has spread across Southern California, Nevada, Arizona and Northern Mexico.

Fiel al papel / Loyal to the paper

As a way to keep him active and make an additional money, a Nicaraguan retiree, Pablo Antonio García, offer to his peers in San Francisco's Mission District print copies of newspapers he brought from Nicaragua two months before. Despite more and more people rely on computers or mobile phones to read the news, Mr. García's merchandise still have a bunch of consumers. All this make me think in the relevance of the print press in the US, even Today when generally is accepted that the newspaper industry is dead. Para ocupar sus horas de jubilado, Pablo Antonio García, un nicaragüense radicado en San Francisco, California, vende a sus conocidos ediciones pasadas de periódicos de su país.

Retiree's baking project sends thousands of cookies overseas

Retiree Bonnie Grace bakes hundreds of cookies a week, packages them with the help of friends and mails them to troops serving overseas.

College Grads Seek Stability in Government Jobs, Even if it Means Sweeping the Streets

We had some numbers that told the increase in exam takers over a 10 year period. I plotted them in protovis and added some labels and put it in the sidebar. This was the first time I did this on the site, but I think it was effective to show the data rather than only right about it.

Scott Hatfield Media

Portfolio site created with Wordpress showcasing audio, video, photo stories and interactive maps.

Middle Tennessee political donations by zip code

To help a colleague visually tell a story about political donations, I created this map using Google Fusion tables. It shows political donations by zip code for nine counties in Middle Tennessee. The map then served as the basis for a print version.

DNA Delay: Limited Resources Leave Rape Kits Untested

News10 multimedia reporters Suzanne Phan and Maneeza Iqbal explore the dilemma surrounding untested rape kits- why so many of them remain untested and what impact that has on solving crimes. Link to the web article: In-depth multimedia project:

The Pageant at Palmyra: The Book of Mormon, Like You've Never Seen it Before

Utah may be the heartland of the Mormon church, but Upstate New York was where the religion was born. Our latest story talks about The Hill Cumorah Pageant, a flamboyant celebration of the Mormon faith that takes place every year on the very hill where the religion is said to have began. No fancy multimedia features this time, but I used a lot of the skills (Photoshop, WordPress) learned at the Independent Journalists Workshop to put this together! — Charlotte

BASEBALL: Minor league batting statistics

I am working with our sports staff to create searchable databases of our area's minor league baseball players. It was our first time using and publishing freeDive on the website.

1st Black Marines go on a journey back into time

Detroit area Montford Marines, the 1st Black Marines to fight in World War 2, were given a trip down memory lane with many old black and white pictures from a retired Army veteran from Clarksville, Tennessee. Julius Singleton. Check out the story and video about these men 612 miles apart. How the pictures came to be in Singleton's hands, why he wanted to share the 77 pictures and what it all means to these men in their 90's Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press

Hunting Monsters, Chasing Ghosts: The Marvelous Life of Detective Joe Nickell

An in-depth profile of a ghost-hunting, alien-chasing, monster-tracking detective is enhanced with audio of him telling stories about memorable cases. Instead of repeating something in the text, the clips add something completely new!

Texas firm targets Calif. homeowners with foreclosed 2nd mortgages

This report originated with a tip from someone who found me on LinkedIn. Using shoeleather reporting, telephone interviews and on-line databases of federal and state courts, I wrote a 2500-word story that ran on the CW web site and in newspapers including the SF Chron. I also worked with video producers on a four-minute television report for California ABC stations, and on a "public engagement" page with explanatory and related materials. I also supplied CW staff with pdfs of background and supporting materials that were attached to links embedded in the story.


I did this piece in January 2012 for a minister friend who was putting together a sermon on the quality of resilience. She recruited congregants she knew had overcome serious difficulties, and we did the interviews together. The rest was up to me. I think the result is effective, though there are three people I would have omitted from the final video were that decision mine. In this instance, however, the minister's need to avoid hurt feelings was more important than the journalist's imperative of keeping the piece as tight and powerful as possible.

Miniature horse named Sprout aids hospital healing

This project, created for The Denver Post, features a miniature therapy horse who does hospital rounds in Colorado Springs, Colo. -- a great multimedia storytelling opportunity. The package includes a video that incorporates still images, video and audio, built with Audacity and MovieMaker 6. That multimedia centerpiece is complemented by a substantial text story with multiple photographs, a version of which also ran in the paper edition of the Post. The package was picked up via syndication by The Christian Science Monitor, the Seattle Times and P-I and other publications.

Living in the American Gothic House

Beth Howard lives in the house made famous by Grant Wood's 1930 painting, American Gothic. Living in a tourist destination makes for some interesting run-ins with strangers.

The Wellstone Files: From protester to senator, the FBI tracked Paul Wellstone

FBI files show the long relationship between the FBI and Sen. Paul Wellstone. The 219-page FBI file, obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, shows that although the FBI initially took interest in Wellstone as part of its surveillance of the American left, it later served as his protector, investigating death threats the freshman senator received for his views on the first Gulf War, and, in the end, helping sift through the wreckage of the fatal plane crash that killed Wellstone and seven others eight years ago. MPR News used Document Cloud to display the file online. Key sections were highlighted and annotated to provide context.

State failed to review troubled past of ousted Minn. Security Hospital administrator

The Minnesota Department of Human Services hired David Proffitt to run the state's largest facility for those deemed mentally ill and dangerous without conducting a thorough background check. If they had checked, they may have learned that Proffitt was arrested for domestic assault, provided inaccurate information about his education, and had resigned from his previous job in Maine after months of employee complaints. Minnesota Dept of Human Services officials ordered Proffitt to resign in late March. MPR News' reporting has prompted the state's legislative auditor to review the agency's hiring practices. That review is now underway.

See how much state aid your North Jersey town received

Searchable database of state aid to municipalities in Bergen and Passaic counties.

Marcus Buggs - Fighting the odds, gets into college

Second video on Marcus Buggs a teen who is trying to overcome major odds. He saw his dad killed in front of him when he was 9. His mom is in federal prison and he's helping his grandfather raise his 4 siblings while going to high school. This story and video takes you with Marcus as he gets fitted for his 1st suit, receives an award and visits a college where he shocks everyone with some great news. 1st story and video about Marcus is here -> Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press

Four Catholic High Schools Saved From Closure

Four Catholic High Schools that were targeted for closure by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia will remain open. A map showcases where all of the schools on the original closure/consolidation list are located.

Eric Roberson Speaks On Latest Album And Loss Of Whitney Houston

Two-time Grammy-nominated artist Eric Roberson performed before a packed crowd at the Firehouse Café in Mt. Holly. He also took some time to remember the late Whitney Houston.

Metal Sculptor Discusses The Inspiration Behind His Art

Eugene Perry is a metal sculptor in Philadelphia who was recently granted an opportunity to showcase his work at the 2012 Art Expo in New York. He took me into his shop and showed me some of his pieces.

Olympic disappointment

Sugar Land, Texas siblings Steven, Mark and Diana Lopez made history when all made the 2008 U.S. Olympic taekwondo team, and then won medals. The trio’s attempt to repeat their feat unfolded at the final phase of the Olympic Trials on March 10 in Colorado Springs. Diana, 28, and Steven, 33, both won their bouts. Earlier in the day, Mark, 29, had beaten No. 1 seed Terrence “TJ” Jennings in sudden-death overtime; to make the team, he had to beat him again. Despite a good-luck kiss from his big brother, Mark’s Olympic dream ended with a scoring kick from Jennings with just 15 seconds left in their match, as his siblings – including coach Jean Lopez -- looked on.

How good are the cellular data networks in Salt Lake City?

To measure the 3G and 4G network speeds around Salt Lake County, The Salt Lake Tribune used six phones to test the speeds of Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T.; Tests were conducted over a two-week period using the application from, which measures the download and upload speeds in kilobits per second. A story summarizing the results and showing a map of tested locations was published in the paper. The full results were published on an interactive map embedded in the story online, as was another variation of the map breaking the results down by each carrier network. Readers were then asked to take their own results and put them in a crowd-sourced map The Tribune put online.

A Day at Ringside

The 2012 USA National Boxing Championships gave me a great opportunity to combine still images, audio and video in one package for the first time. I was just learning how to do sports photography, and boxing is particularly challenging. But I was nonetheless pleased with the outcome, as was The Denver Post, which published the piece in March 2012. It's a condensed chronicle of one bout; the Post provided context with a text block. I used MovieMaker 6 on Windows 7 to build the show, as my students will be working on PCs, with a lean software budget. The Post also used additional video and photos from me to accompany follow-up stories on the championships.

2011 Veterans Day Parade

I had intended to cover a November 2011 protest at the local Occupy encampment in a downtown Colorado Springs park, but organizers unwittingly scheduled the protest to coincide with the Veterans Day parade, a very big deal in our military community. Result: No protest. I created an audio slideshow of the parade instead.

The Faces Behind the Voices

This audio slideshow features Sue Scott and Tim Russell, who provide most of the supporting characters' voices on Garrison Keillor's "A Prairie Home Companion." It combines high-quality audio from the show with not-so-high quality audio from telephone interviews. Additionally, I had to rely on photographs from Scott and the show's publicist, as I was unable to take my own. Nonetheless, the outcome is enjoyable and provides an intriguing window into the work of these versatile performers. The slideshow and an accompanying story I wrote served as The Colorado Springs Independent's paper/online preview of an October 2011 PHC performance in Colorado Springs, Colo. .

Jimmy Dimora trial update

Working for The Plain Dealer and the publication's web site,, covering the Jimmy Dimora federal racketeering trial in Akron, Ohio. This is the ninth week of the trial. I have posted hourly blog updates as the trial has progressed. On certain days of the week, I give video updates online. Dimora is accused of running a criminal enterprise while serving as a commissioner and chairman of the county Democratic Party. He faces more than 30 counts, including racketeering, under an indictment originally filed in September 2010.

Students honor Chardon victims with song

Here is a link to a story the Chardon High School shootings in Chardon, Ohio. Three students were killed and three were injured on Feb. 27, 2012. The alleged shooter, T.J. Lane, 17, is being held in juvenile detention pending a pretrial hearing later this month. He will be held in juvenile detention until a hearing is held where he will be bound over to an adult court.

Stories on Chardon High School shooting victims

Here is a link to a story about of the victims in the Chardon High School shootings in Chardon, Ohio. This is a story regarding victim Demetrius Hewlin, who was buried on Tuesday. Three students were killed and three were injured on Feb. 27, 2012. The alleged shooter, T.J. Lane, 17, is being held in juvenile detention pending a pretrial hearing later this month. He will likely be bound over to the adult court.

Godzilla the wild turkey attacks a woman in Michigan

Edna Geisler 69, of Commerce Township, Michigan gave the name Godzilla to this wild turkey that has been terrorizing her at her home for a month. Most days Edna can barely make it out to her car without the turkey attacking her. The Department of Natural Resources was called for help on removing this bird protected under Michigan law but they said they could not help her. Some think Godzilla is being territorial because mating season is getting close. ERIC SEALS/Detroit Free Press

Spanish Lessons: What one country's high-speed train system can teach California

This series of stories, videos, graphics and other material sprang from a weeklong reporting trip to Spain in November 2011 to explore that nation's high-speed trains and what lessons they might hold for California's proposed HSR system. The trip was a joint project of The Fresno Bee and California Watch, and was published on Jan. 15 and 22, 2012. The reporter shot photos and video for the project while traveling in Madrid, Seville, Valencia and Barcelona. One video published Jan. 15 was edited and produced by California Watch, the second on Jan. 22 was edited and produced by the reporter (

Life After Death: Living in the Shadow of Murder

In 2011, 16-year-old Zayra Pagan witnessed her mother's murder in Buffalo, N.Y. Zayra says that learning to cook the food her mother used to make has provided comfort during a difficult recovery. Our related, long-form story on Zayra is here: Thanks for taking a look!

North Jersey school aid figures

Database of state aid to school districts.

Coachella 2012: Interactive artist map

With more than 100 artists performing at the 2012 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, I used what I learned at the KDMC Digital Storytelling workshop to create a fusion table with information about each artist. Each point on the map is dynamic and gives you another link for video and more on the artist. As the concert draws closer, the individual points will be updated with interviews, videos and more.

New Latino groups sign of growing visibility

I used a fusion table to show where councils of the League of United Latin American Citizens are in Riverside and San Bernardino counties in Southern California.

School aid cuts did not lead to lower NJ test scores

A look at the current standardized test scores

Bees: The Threatened Link In Food Security

Honey bees help pollinate 1 in every 3 bites that we eat… They are vital in our agricultural industry and essential for the survival of the almost 7 billion people who inhabit this planet. And, as the world’s population continues to grow, so does our reliance on honey bees. Unfortunately, most pollinating insects throughout the world are endangered today, including the honey bee.

Starline social club

If you think Oakland could use a curated Casablanca-esque social club, you might soon see your dreams come true. Nestled between an overpass, an oil change shop and a single residency hotel, the former Starline supply store at 645 West Grand Ave., is becoming a tastemaker nexus under the management of three Oakland transplants and their artists network. Inspired by art murmur and the West Oakland art scene, Troy Bayless, Adam Hatch and Sam Strand envision a multi-use venue that integrates artist work spaces and a bar in the building’s first floor with a ballroom, a restaurant and residencies in the building’s second floor. Combined, they plan for an arts-based curated social club.

Alternatives to affordable, community acupuncture in Oakland

With more people losing their jobs and fewer people spending like they did in the past, community acupuncture has become the new frontier for the alternative health industry. Across the United States, hundreds of community acupuncture clinics have sprung up in the last few years. According to Karen Grosskreutz, membership coordinator for the newly established POCA COOP, every week, six new clinics register as POCA members. Today, 170 clinics are registered, although Grosskreutz said she believes that the actual working number is closer to 300. In Oakland, six clinics offer the group setting, sliding scale acupuncture known for it’s reliance on hand, head and feet treatment points.

Occupy Oakland Debates the Question of Non-Violence

The Occupy movement has changed the way Americans view political activism. And there’s a raging debate over what tactics should be used. On Thursday, December 15th, Oaklanders gathered at the First Unitarian Church of Oakland to discuss how best to Bring The Walls Down. Watch the resulting video on diversity of tactics and what Occupy needs to move forward.

Liquor licenses in northwest Indiana.

This interactive map accompanied a story about how the 2010 census count changed the allocation of liquor licenses in region municipalities. To create the map, I requested a database of liquor licenses from the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission. I created a new spreadsheet of local liquor licenses in our coverage area, then cleaned the database to ensure names and addresses were accurate. The map was created using a Google Fusion table.

Argentina, 10 years after the default.

In January 2002, the Argentinian economy collapsed under an unbearable debt. How did they get there and how did they recover? Witnesses of those days tell their stories. A webdocumentary inside our own fears.

Marcus Buggs - Growing up quick, determined to succeed!

Marcus Buggs, of Ann Arbor, MI was getting ready to blow out 18 birthday candles but in reality he's been a man since he was 9. He saw his dad shot & killed in front of him and his mom has been in & out of jail ever since. Never really having the "typical" teenage life, he had to help raise his siblings. Marcus is so determined to succeed, be a role model & not let the bad things define him. Check out the story & video in the Detroit Free Press by writer David Jesse & I. Marcus is someone you want to root for, he inspiring!

Wes Leonard - His tragic death leads to saving lives.

On March 3, 2011, Fennville High School basketball star Wes Leonard died of sudden cardiac arrest after sinking the winning shot to send his team into the playoffs. He could have been saved with an AED but the battery was dead. Almost one year later his mom Jocelyn Leonard leads the Wes Leonard Heart Team making a difference & saving lives, one school at a time by educating schools on the importance of AED's. Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press

New York & natural gas: Where do drillers want to frack?

If New York State allows hydrofracking, where would it happen? With the help of officials from the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), we used the agency's online oil and gas database to find out precisely where drilling companies have applied for permits to use the controversial method of extracting natural gas.

Central Florida's Evening News

Central Florida's Evening News is hosted each and every weekday by Scott Anez, and ran by yours truly, this specific hour I combined both duties . While I hosted, a lot of the constructed verbiage was written while keeping in mind what Marilyn Pittman taught us in our workshop as our 'vocal coach'. Diction and emphasis are what I mainly concentrated on while hosting. The following people contributed work to this hour of CFEN: Levi May Dave Wahl Jackie O’Brien Eric Brown Monica Rix Ken Tyndall Joe Ruble Brandon Hamilton Tom Terry Patrick Johnson Bob Hazen Jamie Dupree Ann Compton Linda Albin Aaron Katersky Martha Raddatz Dr. Richard Besser Darlene Jones Jeff Davis

Will Norton: Life lived on, off line

This piece was published as part of a package on the Joplin High School class of 2011. They completed their graduation ceremony minutes before an EF-5 tornado destroyed roughly a third of Joplin, Mo. The final product covers the senior year of Will Norton, the only 2011 graduate who died in the storm. Told using his own posts to social networking sites, the piece gave us a chance to share a year of ordinary and sometimes goofy moments of a student who is now largely defined by his death.

Local government workers earning $100,000 plus

To help out over the New Year's weekend, I did a quick-turn daily on the change in the number of local government workers in our coverage area earning $100,000 or more. The data comes from the California Controller's Office, which began collecting local compensation information in the wake of the 2010 scandal in Bell, Calif. I did a quick Google bar chart to correspond with a similar one in print, as well as a Google map using fusion tables. The map allows readers to click on each city and see the change in the number of employees earning $100,000 or more.

NEW YEAR'S EVE: Ring in 2012 in the I.E.

This is an interactive Google map combining all of our entertainment-driven New Year's Eve advance coverage into one place for readers. The different pin markers identify what kind of event it is--movies, performance, party, dining, etc. When you click on an entry, the hyperlinks take the user to the individual stories about the events.

Local fundraising by zip code

After learning Google Fusion Tables at the December 2011 KDMC workshop, I put together this blog posting with two interactive maps. The maps show the fundraising totals by zip code for the Riverside County Board of Supervisors District 1 race. When the next round of data becomes available next month, I'll update the maps.

Hanging on to Home, Even After a Fall

Tess Vigeland visits with Bernie and Joyce Murphy of Stallings, North Carolina. Four years after they purchased a townhome it's worth significantly less money. The Murphy's can afford their monthly mortgage payment, but because they can no longer count on making money when they do sell the house, they're changing their lifestyle to save more for the future and hope the market will one day recover. A special collaboration with the New York Times, asking "Which Way Home?"

Which Way Home?

Three years after the bubble burst, what role does home ownership play in the American dream? An hour-long special in collaboration with the New York Times, asking "Which Way Home?"

They Walked Away, and They’re Glad They Did

Tess Vigeland travels to Walnut Creek, California and Wilsonville, Oregon to talk with two different people about their decision to walk away from their mortgage and the financial consequesnces of their decidions. How are their credit scores? Do they ever want to own again? Do they have any residual guilt about defaulting on the biggest debt they had? A special collaboration with the New York Times, asking "Which Way Home?"

Inside Occupy Wall Street

Five days inside the movement which is changing american politics

Early recordings

Flash interactive that looks at early audio recordings made by famed American inventor Alexander Graham Bell and his colleagues. The original glass, wax and copper platters were digitally analyzed and their sounds reconstructed and played publicly for the first time on Dec. 13, 2011. I made this interactive in about two hours.

Six arrested as police break up Occupy Norfolk camp

Raw video of arrests as police clear out an Occupy park in Norfolk, Va.

The Art of Hanging Out in L.A.

A mobile video story about how street styles travel through Los Angeles and the world / Shot and edited over a weekend in 2011 / Featuring the MT (Motion This) dance crew / Photography and production by Corey Takahashi

Presente - Music and Photos

Presente –a 9 minutes photo slide show– was part of the exhibition Imagining the Mission, which was the main event during a year long celebration of the 40 anniversary of El Tecolote newspaper ( in 2010. At the end of that year, with a bunch of free time and searching ideas for a project, I found the entire folder of Presente. Watching again this photos, and truly inspired for the photo essays of Magnum photo agency, I start matching sound bites -from the free sound project web- with the images. This the result.

Natural Gas Drilling Threatens Rare Flower

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service added the rare Parachute Penstemon to its Endangered Species List this year. The tiny flower only grows on about 90 acres atop a high plateau in Northwestern Colorado, close to the resort town of Aspen. Fish and Wildlife officials say natural gas drilling, or potential development, is the greatest threat to the flower. In some areas, drill rigs are just 400 meters from the flower. Oil and gas industry officials say that listing the flower adds unnecessary regulations to an already over-regulated industry.

Wild Horse Roundup

I visited a wild horse gather in Northwestern Colorado this year. The Bureau of Land Management is tasked with thinning herds in order to keep the horses healthy, and keep the land from being overgrazed. Animal welfare activists are against the roundups, saying they terrorize the animals and the horses often end up in holding pastures for the rest of their lives. This was the first story in a two-part series that aired in September of 2011.

Happy as Pigs in Slop; Mud Day in Detroit

Shot with 3 GoPro's. Two hand held & one a kid wearing one mounted on a Chesty. 1,000's of kids from Metro Detroit became pigs in slop as they covered themselves with lots of mud during the 24th annual Mud Day at Hines Park in Westland, a suburb of Detroit. Over 20,000 gallons of water & 200 tons of topsoil made a hot day in Metro Detroit cooler for many. Shot with GoPro's ERIC SEALS/Detroit Free Press

Petie the Lost dog. From Tennessee & back again

Petie, a 4-year-old Jack Russell Terrier, went missing from Erin, Tennessee and his 77-year-old owner in July. Somehow Petie made the 600 mile trek to Rochester Hills, Michigan. A volunteer from the Michigan Humane Society is reuniting the two tomorrow when they drive him back down to his home. A microchip inside Petie made the process of finding Petey's owner easier. Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press

Trailblazers; 1st Black Marines to fight in WWII

Video that I shot & produced on the Montford Marines, the 1st Black Marines to fight for their country during WWII. Of the 20,000 a little more than 200 are still living. Congress will soon bestow on them one of the highest honors in our country the Congressional Gold Medal. Now in their late 80's some of the 1st Blacks in the US Marine Corps known as the Montford Marines talk about their experiences serving their country in World War II. While fighting in the South Pacific they were being discriminated against at home & abroad but will soon get their due respect. Eric Seals/Detroit Free Press

Interactive presentation: Vendors fund nearly half of incumbent Houston school trustees' campaigns

Texas Watchdog's analysis of three years' worth of campaign donations shows that vendors and contractors to the Houston Independent School District gave nearly half of all contributions to the nine incumbent school board members in the past three years.


Science is still divided about the consequences of cellphones on our brains. There are two main studies, the international Interphone and those made by the swedish professor Lennart Hardell. The first one, at first sight, seems to deny a link. The second one accuses them, after 10 years of usage, of doubling the risk of developing a brain tumor. On May 31, 2011, Iarc, the specialized agency of the World Health Organization, has reversed his course by including cellphone radiations among "possible carcinogens" (group 2B)

Operation Geronimo

Interactive chronicle of the last few hours of life of Osama Bin Laden

North Dakota isn't feeling the slump

North Dakota is booming, despite the nation's bad economy. Open jobs and promise of better pay are drawing people from all over the nation. This video talks to Samuel Hicks, who moved from Iowa and set up a tent behind his workplace, braving wind and rain and a barbed wire fence to support his family.

El Nuevo Normal

The KDMC Census Workshop provided valuable background for Syracuse University's 2011 News21 project, funded by the Carnegie-Knight Initiative. We analyzed data to find an American community that experience significant demographic change in the past decade. We sent eleven students to Eastern Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, an old white steel town on the way to becoming majority Hispanic. In addition to our own site, student were published in USA Today (print and online);; and the Eastern Pennsylvania Business Journal.

Guatemala: When a feared drug cartel is better than the military.

When a brutal drug cartel is better than the military As Guatemala heads toward the conclusion of a violent federal election campaign, the government is claiming success in its offensive against a Mexican drug cartel which infiltrated its northern highlands. For two months this year, the army laid siege to the province where the gang has been muscling in on trafficking routes, once controlled solely by Guatemalan cartels. The offensive's now been called down, but the military presence remains -- and so do questions about its effectiveness. Photo Gallery:

Interwoven ethics problems at Houston ISD, Houston Community College, port authority, Harris County -- all one big ball of string

There’s trouble at the Houston school district. There’s trouble at the port authority. There’s trouble at Houston Community College. There’s trouble at the Harris County government. A casual reader of Houston news might think it’s a coincidence that there’s so much controversy in four of Houston’s largest government agencies. But the ongoing ethics concerns at those four agencies include overlapping casts of characters. And officials’ relationships with contractors and vendors are a common theme in all four – in some cases, they’re the same contractors.

Swimming: Cullen Jones Says Youth of All Colors Must Learn Water Safety

Olympic gold medalist Cullen Jones wants to encourage all children to learn to swim and be safe in the water. Seventy percent of African American children and 60 percent of Latino children cannot swim, putting them at greater risk of drowning than their peers. Drowning is the second highest cause of accidental death for children under 18. Jones is touring with the Make a Splash campaign, and held a swimming class in Portland Ore., August 9, 2011.

Interactive map of 200+ Texas post offices being considered for closure

We did a quick GeoCommons map of the 200+ post offices in Texas that the U.S. Postal Service is considering closing.

Sound of Freedom

Freedom Radio in Iraq went on the air in 2003 and will sign off in December after 8 years broadcasting from Baghdad.

Protests spread to Oman

Video story produced in the field for Slate as Arab Spring spread to Oman. Produced with iMovie, Flip and HDZoom recorder.

Derek Jeter reaches 3000-hit milestone

Interactive Protovis charts looking at Derek Jeter's stats upon reaching the 3,000 hit milestone in baseball. He is the first Yankee in the history of the franchise to reach this mark.

From Fellini to Lady Gaga: a new exhibit showcases the birth of Paparazzi

Long before Gaga’s “Paparazzi”, there was Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita”

Corn — a precious commodity on the table, in the tank

After participating at the KDMC’s fellowship “boot camp” the following week I put into practice and incorporated multimedia techniques I learned: video, map, chart and Storify. I linked the food aspect of this story to the importance of this commodity as a fuel alternative. “Corn is one of the most important commodities in the world. It is in products such as glue, makeup and alternative fuels…”

Weepin’ Willie: Requiem for a bluesman

Weepin’ Willie Robinson, a bluesman and one of the New England scene’s most revered figures dies in a fire while smoking his last cigarette. Robinson, 81, the son of a sharecropper, an Army veteran, and a beloved bluesman lived a complicated live. During a “memorial jam” in his honor, “a steady stream of colleagues and friends... describe Robinson as a gentle, kind and beloved charmer. At the same time, other tales paint him as the proverbial “rolling stone,” a man who left his wife to raise their eight kids alone while he set out for a music career in the blues bars of Boston."

More older Americans start own businesses

I shot a video featuring 65-year-old Patrick Althizer, who veered off from a career in finance to start his own business: leading shutterbugs through the stunning waterfall areas of Yosemite National Park

Blogging from the Cannes ad fest

I covered the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, which is considered the Oscars of the advertising world. I detailed the business side of advertising (such as how much money marketers spend each year to promote their goods and services) and added multimedia elements to the blog as well (such as photos and videos of winning ads and well-known attendees.)

The Canoes Overhead: Nancy Rubins’ Epic New Sculpture at the Albright-Knox Is Whatever You Make of It

A voluminous sculpture of about 60 tangled, aluminum boats has been turning heads skyward since construction started on June 6 at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. Our unique take on the story, with selected photographs.

Residents discuss redistricting issues

A group of nearly 40 residents and city staffers held an in-depth discussion on the city’s redistricting process Monday night at the Ethel Hart Senior Center. Residents explored a range of topics, including the role of race in the process.

Ashby's District 1 grew 123 percent

Sacramento City Councilwoman Angelique Ashby’s district has grown 123 percent since 2000, skyrocketing from a population of 47,670 in 2000 to a population of 106,729 in 2010. But it won’t stay that way for much longer – the city intends to chop it up in this year’s redistricting process.

Create an online redistricting map

Sacramento residents can use the city’s online tools to carve up the eight City Council districts and present their redistricting ideas to city leaders.

City Council aims to lessen police budget cuts

The Sacramento Police Officers Association protests the city's proposals to lay off cops and make other budget cuts to the Sacramento Police Department.

Video: searching for salmon off Half Moon Bay

The salmon season has been essentially closed in California for three years, but it opened in May 2011. Fisherman Duncan MacLean is excited about the opening, but worries that there aren't enough fish in the ocean to sustain him and other fishermen. We head out for a day at sea to check out the waters.

AIDS+30: The Battle Rages On

Unless you’ve been under a rock, you’ll know the 30 anniversary of the AIDS virus is this Sunday. And if you didn’t know, this just proves the point that not enough people know the facts, nor do they understand the importance, of ending this deadly epidemic. At shades Magazine, we mark this anniversary with a video we made to help promote awareness and increased funding to eradicate the disease and to save at least one life with the message that is our responsibility to educate ourselves, our children and those around us about HIV/AIDS.

Hawaii Five-0 World Premiere on Waikiki Beach 2010

Heidi Chang takes you to the world premiere of the new Hawaii Five-0, Hawaiian style. Meet the show's cast members, Alex O'Loughlin, Scott Caan, Daniel Dae Kim, Grace Park and Taryn Manning, and executive producer Peter Lenkov, as they stroll down the red carpet on Waikiki Beach. 

 Also joining them on stage: Executive producers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman. Heidi produced, wrote and narrated the video for Honolulu Municipal Television.

Locals Work to Stop Child Sex Trafficking Problem

Sacramento has ranked as high as second as a child prostitution hotspot in the U.S. It's up there with cities like Las Vegas, Chicago, New York City and Oakland. The subject of selling sex and children is disturbing to many people, but in the Sacramento region, many community groups have been galvanized to help combat the problem locally and globally. Web Producer Maneeza Iqbal and I created a comprehensive report to highlight the problem, anti-trafficking experts, pending legislation, and resources available. Check out the extended videos clips, maps, and charts.

Wine From the Old World: In Buffalo, a Tradition From Italy Lives On

A classic Buffalo story, told through images, a slide show and text. We explore Buffalo's Italian history through the story of one local family and their tradition of making wine the old-fashioned way.

Rapper M-Bone killed in drive-by shooting

Police believe that M-Bone, born Montae Talbert, may have been gunned down over a Twitter beef.

Video: Kern County's economy gains as commodity prices rise

The run-up in gold and silver prices leads to the reopening of a mine near Mojave, and higher crude prices give a boost to the county's oil fields. Crops such as cotton also are soaring in value. But some workers feel left behind.

Coyne v. Wells on election stasis, the polls, and what leaders are doing in Toronto

Two of Maclean's top columnists do their weekly politics segment. This one occurs mid-election campaign, so you'll find them discussing the latest polls.

A 30,000 (and counting) views video... made with my bberry

Here's one proof that content -or interest- surpass quality. It was known some people pass out watching Danny Boyle's movie 127 hours. Happens all around the US, according with media reports. The night I went to see the movie, at the Embarcadero theaters in San Francisco, not just one, but two! guys fainted. I made this video using my cellphone, then editing in i-movie and finally posted in youtube. After a day, the SF Weekly used it to support a blog post. In 3 moths, the video has been watching more than 10,000 times, with an increasing numbers of comments too.

Filmmakers and musicians collaborate in the wild for the ‘National Parks Project’

A series of interviews with the makers of the National Parks Project, an omnibus of short films about national parks in Canada.

L.A. Residents Urged to Turn in Guns

For the 3rd year, Los Angeles has hosted the Gun Buy-Back program to make communities safer.

Retirees boost population of Lincoln, Calif., but not its commerce

Lincoln, California grew 282% over the decade, boosted in part by a large retirement community built there. But commerce hasn't followed, and the town is out of money and forced to provide four times the services. For more, check out the story Retirees boost population of Lincoln, Calif., but not its commerce at,0,912702.story

Interactive: Listen to some of the characters at the Desert Market

The Desert Market is located in Daggett, a desert town that appears abandoned. But for locals, it's a lifeline -- for beer, energy drinks, cigarettes, and most important, the store's owner, who they call Joe. Meet some of Joe's frequent customers through this Flash project

The musicman's birthday

I was sent to the city's minor league baseball stadium, a farm for the San Francisco Giants where the World Series trophy was being displayed for the public. I wasn't prepared to shoot video but finding a unique character playing music to the waiting crowd, I whipped out the new iPhone and shot some video, editing in Final Cut Pro. I was nearing the end of my shift so it was a quick edit but worked fine. Wait for the end. -eric

The Gulf spill: A year later

This was one of our largest ongoing projects for 2010, and the updates continue. We weaved photos, video and some database work into this Flash interactive.

Radio Legend Art Laboe on the Dedication

Pioneering radio personality Art Laboe was the first DJ to play Rock and Roll on the West Coast airwaves. He put together the first compilation album which featured hits by different artists and is credited with coining the term “Oldies But Goodies.” Over the decades, Art Laboe has remained hugely popular among generations of Latinos who call in by the dozens to dedicated and request their favorite Oldie.

Rural Rabble Rousing

Much of inland California is rural and poor, a sharp contrast with hip, upscale coastal life. Residents in the rural regions sometimes live with a high degree of pollution. Producer Devin Robins visited three women who became activists over concerns for their communities’ health.

Managing Your Money Through the Ages

Marketplace Money joins forces with The New York Times to bring you stories about life's financial issues as they play out through the decades. It's a a special multimedia collaboration called "Money Through the Ages."

Faces of Freedom

Photo editor Larry Ruehl read that more than 850 World War II veterans die each day across America, so the SouthtownStar set out to document the area men and women who served in the war while they were still with us. We photographed nearly 200 people, interviewed many of them and collected questionnaires from all of them. We published a special print section on Veterans Day and produced an online presentation that involved audio, video, a slideshow, a searchable database and an online map.

Disgrace: St. Matthew's Church Is Falling Apart. Who Will Save It?

The first in a pair of stories on St. Matthew's Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo. Congregants laid St. Matthew's' cornerstone in October 1911. The church had many good years, but the last mass took place in 1993 as Buffalo's population plummeted. Now, as the church turns 100, it's literally falling to pieces. Rain blows in through broken windows. Paint flakes from the walls.

Closing a Cold Case: Police Solve the Murder of Joseph Thomas Jr.

The phone call that Joseph Thomas Sr. had been waiting for since August 2003 finally came this March. After more than seven years, police had finally solved his son’s murder. A short update, with video, on a story we published in January 2011 on the then-unsolved murder of Joseph Thomas Jr.

Healthy Hillsborough: How we eat, where we eat it and how it affects our lives

An in-depth look at some of the environmental factors that impact health in Hillsborough County, Florida, such as the number of fast-food restaurants, grocery stores and public parks.

"Good or Bad" YouTube Changing the world.

As long as YouTube, Social Media and word of mouth exist, web videos are without a doubt changing the way the world communicates, from news to music, to how-to videos, to stories of triumph and defeat. Yet not all is good show recent reports and studies. (@espiblog Multimedia exercise KDMC UC Berkeley)

Lampedusa, gateway to Europe

Thousands of people from Tunisia are fleeing from their country. They don't believe that the revolution will bring soon a better future. And they risk their life sailing towards Italy, to enter Europe for a better life. Hundreds of people everyday land in Lampedusa, a tiny island, south of Sicily. There's already a humanitarian crisis but, in spite of the fearmongering that some members of the Berlusconi government spread, ordinary people of Lampedusa react very well to the so-called "invasion". As this webdocumentary tries to demonstrate.

King Tide Hints At Shoreline's Future

The powerful pull of sun and moon alignment, along with a powerful storm, created high waves lapping at the land of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Misuse of Welfare is Minimal, Data Show

Republican state lawmakers in Minnesota have proposed new restrictions to prevent poor people from spending welfare money on alcohol, tobacco and lottery tickets. However, available data suggests misuse of welfare money is minimal. Instead, people who receive welfare said the legislation would make it impossible to use the money for basic needs, like paying rent and doing laundry.

American Dream Alive in Maricopa

A story mapping home based businesses in the city of Maricopa.

Census: Maricopa population tops 43,000

Story on the newly released census data for the city of Maricopa.

Inside Al Jazeera

For weeks now the qatari tv has been telling the world about the protests in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya. They have also been accused, in a way, to instigate them. But its journalists, starting from a twenty-something whiz-kid who knows everything about Facebook and Twitter, rebut: "We're simply the best at covering them"

Audio librarian Jeff Rice captures the sounds of the West

An audio slideshow in which Jeff Rice discusses how he collects sound and plays some of the sounds from the Western Soundscape Archive.

Chicago's Black comic book movement

Chicago native and artist Turtel Onli created an annual convention that gives graphic novelists and comic book artists a venue to showcase their work and to expose comic book fans to the Black Age in the comic book genre.

North Jersey black families leaving for lure of new South

A story about the dwindling black population in North Jersey. The graphic shows population by town, from 1990, 2000 and 2010 census, and by census tract for 2010, as a percent of the total population.

The Peters Poll with LaMonica Peters

This is the Facebook Page I created shortly before the Web 2.0 workshop but I enhanced it after learning more about using Facebook for journalistic purposes. I hope to create a larger fan base, & add more video.

Are Mosquitos Putting Cal Students at Risk?

This is my 1st attempt at using Final Cut Pro to edit video. Don't judge me. LOL

North Jersey town-by-town data from the 2010 Census

Town by town census data for the North Jersey coverage area of The Record

Wilderness Photographer

This video accompanies the piece My walkabout with Michael, in which New Mexican writer Pat Toomay shadows Guggenheim award-winning photographer Michael Berman through the Gila wilderness. This multimedia features an interview with Berman where he reads a poem about his process of going into the wild and finding images, and discusses why he became a photographer and his views on the relationship of humans to nature.

Getting to work from North Jersey

Charts comparing commute time and departure time for the U.S., N.J. and Bergen and Passaic counties in New Jersey.

Average gas price hits $3 in Bergen-Passaic, again

Graphic on the price of gas over a two and a half year period, from when gas was at $4 a gallon to a low of $1.25 a gallon and back up to $3 a gallon.

December is worst month for driving in N.J., analysis shows

Two Protovis charts to accompany a story about accidents on North Jersey roads in December.


EngageWisconsin is an online community engagement portal created by Wisconsin Public Television. Spearheaded by a 2010 KDMC Fellow, the site is focused on: 1) producing multimedia storytelling projects, promoting WPT and PBS documentaries & programming, 2) developing a platform through which WI residents can blog on program-related subjects, and 3) encourage viewer-created content. The site explores how to take viewers behind-the-scenes while also providing an interactive platform through which WI residents can share their stories, learn from one another, and discuss local issues. Ultimately, we see it as a place where Wisconsin residents and their diverse voices connect.

Another way of remembering

A blog post describing the creation of The Poppy File, a multimedia project launched by OpenFile for Remembrance Day 2010. During World War II, more than 3,200 people from Toronto died in service. We mapped the addresses of their next of kin and displayed them with the name, rank and place of death of the fallen servicemen.

Video Goes Uptown

View two student-produced mini-docs--one on the history of tattoos and the other on turf dancing in Oakland--produced by the Uptown Video Workshop.

Ghent blaze that burned two buildings called arson

Late night reporting and video production by Patrick Wilson and Shayna Meliker.

Portsmouth, Va., burn victim has Saints on his side

Story about a surprise gift for a burn victim includes photo/audio slideshow.

The Desert Lockout: Miners Continue Street Actions, as Negotiations Restart (Slideshow)

BORON, CALIF.—It’s 6:15 a.m. and cars and trucks are coming down the long stretch of desert road to the main gate at the Rio Tinto/Borax facility. Soon, scores of vans and buses filled with replacement workers—what more than 500 locked-out workers call “scabs”—will be shuttled in and out of the gates. Union workers of Rio Tinto line the road, with bullhorns, shining lights at the passengers, jeering and hurling insults.

Hardly Strictly Business: Cal Alum Warren Hellman Plays to His Own Tune in Investing, Philanthropy

A profile of private equity financier, San Francisco power broker, and Cal graduate Warren Hellman


News blog

Online Tamil Songs

Hearing Tamil songs online will never be difficult any more; A2Z Tamil Songs dot com offers all Tamil mp3 songs in one site from 1960s to till date. We can browse songs by music director, Cinema director vocalist, and also a2z by film name as the name of the website suggests.

Federal Money Accounts for a Quarter of Florida's Economy

Examination of 2009 federal spending in Florida and Tampa Bay area shows who's likely to feel the pinch the most when and if newly elected members of Congress keep their pledges to rein in the budget deficit. With interactive map showing per-capita spending by Florida county, Flash-based graphics showing spending over time and breakdown by category, and searchable database of spending at all levels statewide.

Historias de supervivencia

Bilingual and Multimedia Project on Domestic Violence in the Latino Community. I was the adviser of this student project multimedia production.

Berkeley's Coffee Economy

A profile of one popular Berkeley cafe and how the US recession has affected its business and the consumption habits of coffee drinkers. Produced at Knight Digital Media Center in Berkeley with former NPR reporter, John McChesney. Shot and edited in one morning and afternoon in April 2009.


A character study of anti-anti-smoking activist, Lynda Farley. The short incorporates the still photography of Mark Katzman, video footage from his partner, Scott Ferguson, both of the St. Louis-based commercial studio, FKPhoto. Chip recorded the interview with Farley during the photo shoot at various sites in St. Louis in September 2009.

Amsterdam's Lucrative Cannabis Culture: Can it Work in California

The measure that would legalize the sale and recreational use of marijuana in California is sparking heated debate. In the Netherlands, marijuana is “tolerated.” Pot use and sales are legal-- to a certain degree. Pot-selling coffeeshops generate billions of dollars. Could it work in California? Multimedia journalists Suzanne Phan and Ryan Yamamoto take a closer look at Amsterdam’s cannabis culture and the economic impact of taxing marijuana. And, they explain why Amsterdam is closely watching Prop 19.

Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone for Camcorders

This is a well-researched Review of the Canon DM-100 Directional Stereo Microphone for Camcorders

After the Chino Prison Riot

Public Insight Journalism crowdsourcing and traditional reporting methods combine to tell the story of the Chino prison riot of August 2009. The web presentation includes dozens of letters written by inmates of a California prison describing conditions before, during and after the riot. Some of the men were held outdoors in metal cages with inadequate clothing and shelter for days after the riot. The story came to KPCC via sources responding to general questions to the public about prison life. One of our sources won the SPJ Sunshine Award for efforts to make government more open.

It's a Wrap: The "Grill 'Em All" Food Truck Makeover

At the Wrap One shop in Anaheim, a small team transforms blank-slate "taco trucks" into billboards on wheels. Watch the metamorphosis of the "Grill 'Em All" truck. / Freelance photography and editing by Corey Takahashi / Music courtesy of Shadows Fall

US visa laws lightened for Cuban artists

On his first visit to Latin America President Obama said he'd like to start a path of normalizing relations with Cuba. While visiting Mexico City, Mr. Obama also implied that the frozen relationship would not thaw unless Cuba relaxed pressure on political dissidents. At the same time, Mr. Obama has allowed more Cuban artists--even those openly critical of U-S policy--to come to the United States. This story is pegged to the visits of three well-known artists and musicians, all of whom have differing opinions on the delicate dance Washington & Havana are engaged in.

Mexico: Human Rights & Press Freedom

This is a profile of one courageous journalist's battle to expose police corruption, manipulation of both the media and the lives of those who speak out against abuses of power by government and an explanation of how this landmark case came to the world's attention. The fact the journalist is a woman in a machista society complicates an already horrendous breach of human rights, one which is being examined by lawyers internationally.

Reworking the US-Mexico Water Treaty

The Colorado River has been nearly tapped dry as a consequence of exploding populations in the southwest border region combined with the voracious appetite of American agribusiness. Mexico and the U-S are now negotiating a decades-old water sharing treaty. If successful, the revamped treaty could provide a model for conserving a vital but finite resource.

Where the lottery takes the biggest bite

Flash map showing analysis of lottery ticket sales and Bright Futures scholarship awards by ZIP code in Hillsborough County, Fla.

Democrats and Republicans Hit Voter Rallies

Democrats and Republicans hit voter rallies in Nueces County. We were there to talk to locals about what happened and to get photos of their appearance.

AHS Jazz Band Sent to Lincoln Center

This video brings viewers into a practice session of this award-winning jazz band on the eve of a trip to Lincoln Center. The video zooms in for close ups on two of the most stellar performers as they regal listeners with solos.

Video: Take the Walking School Bus on Wednesday For Health, Environment

Video follows the "Walking School Bus" one morning as the bus picks up kids along its route and makes its way to Marin School in Albany. Interviews with the organizer, some kids and the school principal along the way.

Hawaii Ukulele Festival (Audio story and video performane)

Heidi Chang takes you to the 40th annual Ukulele Festival in Hawaii. The instrument has seen a resurgence lately around the globe, thanks in part to musician Jake Shimabukuro. Listen to the audio story Heidi produced for Public Radio International's The World. You can also watch a slideshow of the festival and video Heidi produced of Jake Shimabukuro performing "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."

Columbia Stink Map

Crowd sourcing of where people in Columbia, South Carolina smelled something foul on Tuesday, Oct. 26. Reporters tracked down the source of the odor to a farm south of the city, where the owner (a former city councilman) had spread fertilizer.

Detroit crime victims, victimized again

Eighty-nine year old Irene Phimister was beaten to an inch of her life over six dollars and a handful of jewelry so a few guys could feed their heroin habit. Irene is owed $1,200 but has yet to see it. Hundreds of crime victims like her in Metro Detroit are still waiting on millions in restitution money to be mailed to them. The process to pay has been a long, slow and often times non-existent. The prosecutors and clerks office blame each other while the money just sits in a bank and victims sit and wait. ERIC SEALS/Detroit Free Press

Who wins or loses from mass immigration?

Part 3 of OC Register immigration series examines impact of immigration on wages. Scroll down left side of story to link to interactive charts showing shift in wages by education and occupation from 1970 to 2008.

California's addiction to immigrant labor

California is addicted to immigrant labor. Over the past four decades, the state has come to depend on immigrant brains and brawn to an extent unmatched by any other state and almost any developed country.

Whitening The Resume

With blacks being re-employed during the recovery at a slower pace than whites, should black candidates consider removing ethnic references from their resumes?

Five Years Later: Hurricane Katrina

January 20008 fellow Julia Schmalz contributed work to producing a multimedia site which recalls the devastation associated with Hurricane Katrina.

Crime on Cruise Ships

Jaclyn Giovis presents video and data to help cruise passengers avoid crime.

Animal Hoarding in Fort Wayne

May 2009 fellow Ron Shawgo shares this video on the increasingly serious problem of animal hoarding.

The Art of the Foul Ball

May 2008 fellow Eric Seals records the stories of those lucky enough to grab a major league baseball souvenir. More multimedia coverage of that same day at the ballpark can be found here.

First Lake Charles Black Rodeo

Vanessa Deggins reports on Lake Charles's first Real Cowboy Association Rodeo. The association was started years ago in Longview, TX for black cowboys, but has since integrated and everyone competes.

Brown Pelican Release

Vanessa Deggins reports on The Louisiana Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries and their first in-state release of Brown Pelicans impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Video revisists 40-year-old case of slain journalist

January 2008 fellow Robert Lopez produced this video on deadline last week about former L.A. Times columnist Ruben Salazar's death. Questions and controversy still cloud the 40-year-old case.

Video Promotes UC's PRIME Medical Program

July 2008 fellow Alec Rosenberg shares this video about UC's PRIME (Program in Medical Education). PRIME trains doctors to serve where they are needed most in California.

OC Register Immigrant Labor Series

April 2008 fellow Ron Campbell has posted Part 2 of OC Register's series on immigrants and the California economy. This part examines the breakdown of immigration law enforcement. Also see interactive maps (click the 'maps' tab).

New Site Combines Social Networking and Digital Media

News Entrepreneurs Boot Camp fellow Ingrid Sturgis helped produce, which "connects people from Atlanta to Accra through engaging journalism and social networking."

Meera's articles

Links to Meera's articles can be found here.

Sidney Barnes on Stone Cold Feeling

A favorite record of mine, a B-Side from 1971, was written in Chicago, featured a Chicago artist and players, was recorded in Chicago, and was released on a Chicago label (Mercury). I had the opportunity to talk to the man who wrote it, Sidney Barnes, about it; and I flashed-back vicariously through him (he hadn't heard the track in thirty years).

Tampa Bay area's Hispanic population is growing

A print story based on new Census population estimates was tied to an online story that included a Flash map showing the change in Hispanic population by county for the Tampa Bay region.

Pasco County hopes for high-tech jobs

A story about Pasco County's effort to lure high-tech job and transform the local bedroom community featured a front-page print story, a local section print story, a television package and a TBO Flash graphic detailing the county's employment base.

"Hearts are broken" in toddler's death

A day-long search for a missing 2-year-old demanded frequent updates online throughout the day, including still photos I shot and uploaded to I also did a live on-air talkback with the weekend anchor after the sheriff's press conference. Finally, I wrote a story for the next day's print edition built around a second-day lead.

Birds shift in annual migration

The print story on spring migration had a companion online story that linked readers to a Caspio database where they could input bird sightings around the Tampa Bay area. Sightings were tied to a Google map that plotted sightings by address or intersection. A separate photo gallery let birdwatchers upload photos of birds they had seen during the spring migration.

A mobile health solution

In Oakland and other cities in the West, traveling asthma clinics address a common problem: The people who suffer the most from pollution often have the least access to treatment. This video accompanies the story, "Breathing easy."

Journey of a Lifetime

Print story and video produced on a trip to Cambodia in 2006. I worked with a local television station and we ran the television stories and print stories together and cross promoted it. Click on the links to see the video and other stories.

UH professor helps boost Vietnam's clinics

A look at an innovative program that uses principles of business franchising -- similar to McDonald's and KFC -- to deliver health care services in government clinics in Vietnam. Includes video.

UH's MBA program succeeds in Vietnam

A look at the University of Hawaii's executive MBA program in Vietnam that includes a video story.

Lowriders, Los Angeles and the immigration debate

Lowriders, Los Angeles and the immigration debate / Photography and production by Corey Takahashi

Your Government

This site allows you to find your state and U.S. representatives by entering your address and tracks all of their votes in the state legislature or congress. The site also tracks every bill through the Oregon Legislature, providing the status of the bill, vote results and links to the text of the bill and audio files of relevant committee meetings.

TV, film producers hang ten in Hawaii (Audio story)

Hawaii has long been known as a tourist destination, but lately it's becoming a hub for TV and film production. And now the show that put Hawaii on the map in the 60s and 70s, is back. Thousands turned out for the premiere of the new “Hawaii Five-0” on Waikiki Beach. Listen to the audio story Heidi Chang produced for Marketplace Radio.

Remote control car racing takes off!

On any given Saturday during the summer, some grown men go out for a round of golf, some just like to race remote control cars. At a dirt track in Metro Detroit these guys race the kind of cars you can't find at Radio Shack or Toys R Us for $50. They are basically scaled down versions of race cars that can go as fast as 60 mph & cost up to $2,000. They all do it not just to feel young again but for the fun, competition and the camaraderie of it all. ERIC SEALS/Detroit Free Press

Professional arm wrestling

The Hit Squad is a group of 11 men from Metro Detroit who train & compete for national championships in arm wrestling. Having muscle is a huge help but so is technique, attitude, focus & desire. ERIC SEALS/Detroit Free Press

Video poem; The 1st Day of Kindergarten,

Milestones for many parents? Their baby's 1st steps & learning to talk but nothing makes them as nervous & emotional as watching their kids head off to kindergarten. A really nice poem written by a kindergarten teacher called "The First Day" puts it all in perspective. ERIC SEALS/Detroit Free Press

Cloquet River Water Trail Interactive Map

This Flash interactive map embedded with video clips accompanied a print magazine story about a canoe trip down the Cloquet River.

Life on Main: Stories from Main Street in Belleville, Ill.

Like National Geographic's ZIP code profiles, or the New York Times' One in 8 Million, we decided to use a piece of geography as a starting point to tell photo stories. Main Street is the iconic view of Middle America, and Belleville's got one of the longest at 9.2 miles. We use Soundslides to produce these pieces, which grow in value as we add episodes and people can browse through profiles that catch their attention.

Couples and Cash

Meet our Money Makeover couples: These couples opened up their financial lives to USA TODAY and the Financial Planning Association. They were matched with financial planners to define their goals and map a path to reach them. Each Monday, we'll profile a couple, and each Friday, we'll offer tips on handling your own finances.

Mobile taquerias bring new flavors to New Orleans

The smell of sizzling beef and warm flour tortillas beckons from a food truck perched at an intersection here. Food trucks such as this one — offering flavorful, cheap and authentic Latin-American fare — were all but non-existent before Katrina. They now dot the landscape in New Orleans and neighboring Jefferson Parish. Their regular customers are the Hispanic laborers who have migrated here to rebuild homes, but they've also built a following among local residents. Not everyone's a fan. In June, the Jefferson Parish Council voted unanimously to bar mobile vendors from setting up shop at some of the busiest thoroughfares in the area.

Dreams of Steady Work Fade for Hispanic Workers

Since Hurricance Katrina, tens of thousands of Hispanic workers, most of them undocumented, have poured into battered sections of the Gulf Coast. They've supplied the labor to rebuild, to keep businesses running and to boost tax revenue. To support their families back home, they often will work longer hours and for less pay than other laborers. Yet the economic dream that drew them here has weakened. For some, pay is falling. And jobs are scarcer, because the most urgent work — gutting homes and removing debris — is mostly finished. Though years of rebuilding remain, not enough state and insurance money has arrived to pay for it.

Ford Hopes Free Driver's Ed in Vietnam Leads to Sales

In Vietnam, Ford and other carmakers are using a unique campaign to hook consumers with their cars: Driving schools. Ford's driving school in Ho Chi Minh City aims to teach a nation of bikers and walkers to drive a car.

Vietnam's economy lures back some who left in the 1970s

When the Vietnam War ended 35 years ago, millions of Vietnamese fled a communist country whose growth had been stymied by war, oppression and uncertainty, seeking a better life for themselves and their children in the USA, Canada and Europe. Today, some of those who left years ago now look at Vietnam as a land of opportunity. At least 500,000 Viet Kieu return every year to this nation of 86 million, some to stay. As a growing number invest in Vietnam, it's creating jobs and fueling the country's economy. But the investment may also be seen as "condoning the government's lack of freedoms for the country," says Thuy Vo Dang, a visiting scholar at UCLA's Asian American Studies Center.

Los Angelena on a Metro transit tour

Southern California native Jacki Ueng embarks on her first tour of L.A.'s mass transit system. As the city expands its train routes, it's a trip more car-loving Angelenos are starting to take. Follow Jacki's journey on the Metro Red Line, from Hollywood and Highland to Olvera Street and Thai Town. / Story, photography and production by Corey Takahashi

A Soldier's Story - The Vietnam Experience Opens at Petaluma Museum

Simple slideshow use of digital photos bring a story to life for the reader and are quick and easy to utilize as shown here in an article announcing the opening of a Vietnam War exhibit at a community library

Interactive Narratives Launched

A collection of some of the industry's best work can now be viewed at a site that recently re-launched. Interactive Narratives, sposored by the Online News Association, was set up to preset groundbreaking multimedia stories and interviews with some of the journalists pushing and playing with new forms and new media. The site will feature interviews and allow viewers to rate and comment on the work.

Family Struggles with Loss

Penelope Carrington, Knight multimedia workshop alumna and a multimedia reporter for the The Richmond Times-Dispatch shares a video on how one family struggles with loss.

Jan '09 Alum Produces Multimedia Inauguration Map

Heather Charles, Knight multimedia workshop alumna and photojournalist for the The Indianapolis Star, shared a map mashup documenting her trip from President Obama's home town to the inauguration in Washington D.C.

Local Coach's in Video

Fellow Eric Seals, photographer and multimedia producer for the Detroit Free Press produced this fantastic video on local coach Courtney Hawkins of Flint (MI) Beecher High School.

Hurricane Shelter Mashup

Fellow Scott Anderson, video and technology editor for The Times in Shreveport, Louisiana shares with us a Google Map he produced offering locations of hurricane shelters to the public and which ones were over-capacity during Hurricane Gustav.

P.I. Reed School of Journalism

Fellow John Temple, who is associate dean of P.I. Reed School of Journalism implemented a program whereby students of the school will produce multimedia projects for local papers, and in turn teach the staffers at those newspapers on how they did it. Congratulations John on spearheading this program.

May '09 Alum Covers Iran Elections

Anna Johnson, an AP reporter and editor based in the Middle East, produced a photo slideshow and a video on the Iranian elections. Anna was in the KDMC's May 2009 multimedia workshop.

Assignment Detroit to Chronicle the Fall and Rise of an All-American City

Time Magazine has pledged to follow Detroit closely for the next year. The findings will be reported in The Detroit Blog. Steven Gray (June 2009) will blog and cover stories for the initiative. He introduces the project in his post Letter to Detroit. The New York Times covered the project in Investment in a City of Struggles.

KDMC Fellows Win a National Emmy

Kathleen Galligan (June 08) and Regina Boone (Jan 08) were part of the Detroit Free Press team that won an Emmy for their multimedia package on Christ Child House, a foster home for boys in Detroit.

High Schoolers Explore Race In Response to the Obama Presidency

Sarah Hoye (Jan 09) followed a diverse group of students from the election to the end of the 2009 school year, and produced a thought provoking multimedia piece regarding race in the age of Obama . Hoye is a multimedia journalist for the Tampa Tribune.

Turkey Farm in Metro Detroit

KDMC workshop fellow Eric Seals created an excellent video essay about a Turkey Farm in Metro Detroit.

Out of Retirement to Save Business

Larry Kesterson (July '09) uses video to follow the story of a charismatic 80 year old CEO who has returned from retirement to bring his family chain of department stores back from bankruptcy. Kesterson is a photographer for the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Hong Kong Nightlife

The Wall Street Journal's Jessica Yu (July 2009) captures the flavor of Hong Kong's exciting nightlife in video and photo.

A Look at the new iPad

Ryan Kim (Jan '10) shared his first impressions of Apple's iPad notebook computer with a narrated video tour of the device.

48 Hours at the Times Union Center

Christen Gowan (July '09) produced a whimiscal video piece that reveals the many faces, and floors, of Albany, New York's Times Union Center. See how the center can host basketball, hockey and bull riding in one weekend.

Art as Public Work

Fresh from the January '10 workshop, Glenn Burkins produced his first multimedia package about an art competition for public works employees in Charlotte and Mecklenburg City, North Carolina.

Cow Power Raising a Stink in Central California

Some Central Valley dairy farmers use dairy digesters to turn cow manure to electricity. Unfortunately, this process has come under fire for creating pollution through large concentrations of methane gas. P.J. Huffstutter (Jan '10) documented the dairy digester process in a slide show for the Los Angeles Times.

Where is Huguette Clark?

Huguette Clark is the daughter of William Andrews Clark, a copper baron who was almost as rich as Rockerfeller. The 103-year-old heiress owns many estates, but doesn't live in any of them. Bill Dedman (Jan '08) explores the mystery of the ever elusive Huguette in a slideshow for Also see the interview with Bill Dedman in E-Media Tidbits about the project.

Sandwiches Made with Love. YEAH BABY!

Ernie Hassan has made 1 1/2 pound made-to-order sandwiches at his market in Metro Detroit for the past 50 years. Many come for the sandwiches you have to unhinge your jaws to eat, but most return because Hassan treats his customers like family. Eric Seals (May '08) produced the video of Ernie's Market for the Detroit Free Press.

Poynter Institute Showcases KDMC Fellows Using Timelines with Dippity

Two KDMC fellows were quoted in a Poynter article about creating interactive timelines using Dipity. Craig Gima (Jan'10), assistant city editor and reporter at the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, produced a timeline to explain an ongoing crime story. Wendy Norris (Jan '10), editor and publisher at Western Citizen, used a timeline to organize the events of the Ted Haggard sex and drug scandal.

Governing California - Making Sense of Our State of Disarray

Tyche Hendricks (Jan '10) is the editor for KQED Public Radio's The California Report. This project is designed to demistify the chaos that is governance in California.

Take a Trip to Minnesota Via Multimedia

Gustave Axelson (Jan '10) assembled a slide show for the Minnesota Conservation Volunteer about a farmer that sued to save his wetlands and won. Axelson coached his associate editor on putting together this white water rafting trip down the Rice Creek Water Trail.

Undergraduate Research

Harry Mok (Jan '10) helped put together a multimedia package on undergraduate research. The site has been selected as an upcoming "Webpick of the Day" by Communications Arts.

Invasive Pests

Alec Rosenberg (July '08) assembled a package about how the University of California helps to inform the public about invasive pests.

KDMC Alum Wins an Award for Showing Business People at Play

The Virginia Press Association gave Jennifer Nycz-Conner (May '09) an award for three slideshows she made soon after completing the boot camp. See Washington chef Jose Andres celebrate the big 4-0 at his restaurant Jaleo. Bobbie Kilberg invited 486 colleagues to a pool party at her house for the Northern Virginia Technology Council's annual Hot Ticket Awards. Area architectural firms competed in the Posh Pumpkin Contest , an event hosted by Office Environments International and All Steel. Nycz-Conner is a reporter for the Washington Business Journal.

How the West Balanced Its Budgets?

Stephanie Ogburn's (Jan '10) new Flash map illustrates how deep the defecits are in many West Coast states. Fortunately, it's not all bad news, Oregon and Montana are in the black.

Louisiana National Guard's 256th Infantry Prepares for Iraq

Vanessa Deggins (Jan '09) and collegue Elona Weston documented the 256th infantry while they prepared for a year long tour of duty in Iraq. The soldiers performed exercises at Camp Shelby in Mississippi. Deggins shot and edited a video of the convoy security training exercise. Deggins is a multimedia reporter for American Press in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

The Grapevine Brings Deaf Taxman More Business

Gary Jacobson is a 60-year-old accountant who helps deaf and hard of hearing clients with their taxes. Patricia Nazario (Dec '09) got the story in text, radio and video. Nazario is a broadcast journalist for KPCC 89.3 FM in Los Angeles.

UC Davis project puts conventional and organic gardening in a one-hundred-year bout.

Stephanie Ogburn (Jan '10) produced some videos for the Agricultural Sustainability Institute (ASI) at UC Davis . The first is about an experiment to see whether tomatoes grow better with conventional or organic growing techniques. In the other a Stanford professor talks about the pros and cons of agricultural nitrogen fertilizer.

One Man's Trash is this Man's Treasure. Sometimes.

Scott Smith (Jun '08) of the Stockton Record used a slide show to tell the tale of a treasure hunter who became the bewildered owner of over 6,000 dental records.

The Grand Hotel Spruces Up for another Season

The majestic Grand Hotel has received guests since 1887. Located on Mackinac island off the northern tip of Michigan, the hotel is a popular summer retreat for vacationers. The hotel is open only six months out of the year, so a lot of work goes into getting it ready. Eric Seales (May 08), a multimedia journalist for the Detroit Free Press, spent two days shooting to create a video profile on the hotel and the family that has run it for three generations.

Community Capital Helps to fund Remedy Cafe

Stephanie Ogburn (Jan '10) produced a multimedia package on Remedy Cafe, a North Oakland coffee shop that courted investment capital from friends and customers instead of banks.

Cloquet River Flash Map

Gustave Axelson (Jan '10) produced a package about his canoe trip on the Cloquet River with an interactive Flash map. Axelson supported colleagues to create a package on trout angling with a video/photo slideshow, and a feature on Eco Yards with a Flash illustration.

Go Down Under in Kansas

Ralph Gage and reporters from the Lawrence Journal World explored bat caves, undergroud storage vaults and salt mines using audio, video, photo galleries and 360-degree panoramas (Ralph was a speaker at the March 08 KDMC workshop).

These are the People in the Neighborhood

Sherri Williams (June 08) and colleagues at the Columbus Dispatch are producing a long-term project on the neighborhoods in Franklin County. Some of the profiles have multimedia content.

Deaf, but not silent: Priest abuse victim speaks out

Sarah Hoye (Jan '09) produced a multimedia package for CNN about Arthur Budzinski, who was molested by a priest while he was a Catholic school student. Budzinski has spoken out for 37 years and plans to keep fighting.

25th Anniversary of the MOVE confrontation in Philadelphia

Larry Kesterson (July '09) and colleagues at the Philadelphia Inquirer produced an extensive feature on the 1985 stand-off between police and the radical group MOVE. The altercation ended when the city bombed MOVE's bunker on a row home from a helicopter that resulted in burning an entire neighborh

Addict Fed Up, Pleads Up to Receive Drug Treatment

Damon Conrow, a young Heroin addict, made the drastic decision to plead to a higher criminal charge in order to enter the Central Utah Correctional Facility's substance abuse treatment program. Djmila used a variety of techniques to amplify for viewers Conrow's revulsion and despair at his conditi